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EP 011: Just Start

Messy Conversations is a series of interviews with amazing art journalers who share their favorite tools, tips and why they art journal. You’ll get an exclusive peek into their art journal pages and their process. We have a top-notch line up of incredibly artists who will appear on the show each month. We hope that these interviews educate, encourage and inspire you to make something before it’s even over.

Clare is a member of the Get Messy creative team and we are excited to talk to her about who she is as an artist.

Takeaways From This Episode

  • Personal connections made through Get Messy
  • How to get started as an artist
  • Filling your inspiration well
  • The role Instagram plays in art


  • Do it. Ignore the “Whys?” (such as “Why am I doing this? Why?”)
  • Just start and let yourself just make an asbolute complete mess.
  • Recognize that you can do it. If you try something and don’t enjoy it, then maybe it’s not your area of expertise and that’s ok.
  • Making time: break apart 10 minutes throughout the day if you have to. 1-2 minutes here, thinking about colors while you start the laundry, etc.


In How to Start Art Journaling, we’ll walk you through the art of art journaling, including how to start doing (🙌) and make your very first art journal page (even if you’ve never even opened an art journal before).


You don’t have to do it for somebody else. You don’t have to do it to sell it. You can do it to fill that sketchbook.
If I’ve got five minutes and I’ve got an idea, usually that’s it. Just keep filling the books, make the books and if you don’t like a book, got another book or make it.



Clare is originally from the north of England and has lived in the mid-west of America since 2003. Her workplace is the local library where she is a part time librarian, which is good because she loves books. Her favourite part of art journaling is the opportunity to create with no pressure and usually no finished idea in mind and the chance to create a sketchbook and fill it up however she wants! The worst part of art journaling for Clare is knowing when to stop! Her favourite dinosaur is Brontosaurus because they eat plants and have a long neck, like her!

Learn more about Clare here.

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