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Prompt Deck


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How to use the prompt deck: Prompts are not rules. They're a starting point, a catalyst. Take what you need from them. Prompts are a call to action. Use these cards as a spark. They are here to give you something to journal about when your mind is blank, push your art to the next level and express deeper meaning in your work, challenge you to explore new techniques, and to break you our of your creative rut. You can pair prompt cards together, start your page with a prompt, pull at random in the middle of the deck, and use the artwork to spark something too. The prompt deck is living and you are going to breathe more life into it. Alter the cards to suit your way of creating, add your own, edit them, mess paint them, and make loads of messy, imperfect art with them.

  • 120 - 2.5×3.5" double-sided cards with rounded corners
  • 1 - hinge top card box
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