Sign up for Junk Journal July here.
Sign up for Junk Journal July here.

This is your space to get messy

No rules. No judgement. No apologies.

We're an art journaling community created for every type and shape of artist. We're here for you if you've ever wanted to unleash your creative spirit and consistently create art.

Ditch your todo list. Ignore the laundry. Shake off perfectionism. And create for the sake of creating.

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This is your creative home. Come on in and explore.

We believe that magic happens right in the center of the Venn Diagram of art journaling, connection, and kindness.

We have a devoted community site where our Messy Artists explore and expand their creativity through thousands of tutorials, art prompts and actionable inspiration created by over 100 creative mentors here to serve you.

It sounds amazing because it is amazing.

Step into the adventure

Meet your fairy artmother

I’m Caylee. Semi-professional dog-collector (I only have one pooch right now – but I dream of parenting six diabolically ugly dogs) and resident fairy artmother here to guide you through the creative chaos of cultivating a consistent art habit.

For the past six years I’ve been happily swishing and flicking my arty wand as I help fellow creative humans just like you embrace the mess and magic of a fulfilling creative life.

Spoiler alert: It involves creating. Not thinking about creating. Not daydreaming about creating. But. Actually. Creating. And I’ve got just the arty tools to help you do it.

We exist for you.

Beyond Get Messy’s digital doors, you’ll find your creative sidekick, artistic adventure, and an inspirational sanctuary where you’ll always be welcome – messy mind, paint plops, charcoal smudges, ink-stained fingertips and all.

We are here for you, always. You just need to show up.

Meet our teachers
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