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How to Start Art Journaling - Free

with Caylee Grey, Amy Maricle, Vanessa Oliver-Lloyd

How to Start Art Journaling


Yay! We’re so excited you’re here. 

Who are we?  

Caylee, Amy, and Vanessa. Three artists who are wildly enthusiastic about the magic of art journaling.  

We mushed our creative super powers together just like The Avengers or the Justice League to create this class for you.

We’re so excited you’re on this journey. Now let’s dive in and create something together.

Gm artist cayleegrey

Caylee Grey

Hyperbolic journaler and imperfect artist, Caylee Grey is also a wife and mother from South Africa. Caylee is the Fairy Artmother of the Get Messy art journal community, book, and art supplies brand. She has sworn an oath to embrace the messy middle and believes that more than zero is enough.

Gm artist amymaricle

Amy Maricle

Amy Maricle is an artist, art therapist, author, and blogger who wants everyone to experience the healing power of art. She works in Foxboro, Massachusetts and lives nearby with her family and two trouble-making, lovable pooches

Gm artist vanessaoliverlloyd

Vanessa Oliver-Lloyd

Vanessa is a Canadian artist who lives abroad. This has lead her to explore art as a way of connecting and engaging with the world. She loves to share what she learns in classes that speak directly from the heart.

Class Lessons

This class contains 7 FREE art lessons to get your creative juices flowing and inspire you to start art journaling!

  1. Gm start 01
  2. Gm start 02
    Lesson 01 : Journals
  3. Gm start 03
    Lesson 02 : Supplies
  4. Gm start 04
    Lesson 03 : Recipes
  5. Gm start 05
    Lesson 04 : Inspiration to Art
  6. Gm start 06
    Lesson 05 : Prompts
  7. Gm start 00
    Lesson 06 : Art Friends
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