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The Catalyst: Embrace The Power Of The Journal - $129
with Rae Missigman, Claudette Hasenjager, Meg, Meghann Early, Casey Turner, Vanessa Oliver-Lloyd, Jane Lee, Tamara Łuć, Mary Wangerin, Julie Hamilton, Tania Ahmed

The Catalyst: Embrace The Power Of The Journal

This class is for you whether you already deeply know the journal's power, have seen a few hints of it, or dream of discovering its depths.

This class is for you if you use your journal for release, process, curiosity, escape, beauty, mess, brain vomiting, heartstorming, art making, common placing, planning, breathing in, breathing out, memory keeping, happy bits, grief, play, practice, skill-building, fun, going deeper, keeping it light, and/or making a mess.

It's for you in the season you're in right now. 

Embrace the power of the journal.

Featuring: Caylee Grey, Rae Missigman, Julie Hamilton, Casey Turner, Mary Wangerin, Meg Journals, Vanessa Oliver-Lloyd, Jane Lee, Tania Ahmed, Meghann Early, Tamara Łuć, and Claudette Hasenjager. 

These 12 glorious artists are excited to guide you in using the journal as a catalyst and discovering its (and your) power. They will guide you through their creative processes for filling your journal. The artists in this class are all using the  Get Messy Art Journal. I'm biased - after 400+ journals, it's my favorite one. But just like the rest of the supplies, nothing is required. Use what you have. Creativity happens in the midst of imperfection, while you're figuring things out.

Caylee Grey - Truths About the Journal

Welcome to The Catalyst! What are your truths? What is your journal for? Page through my gloriously unfinished journal and get excited about filling in your own.

Rae Missigman - Sketch It Out, Color It In 

Get things out of your head and onto the page. This workshop is all about getting things out of our heads and onto the page. No perfection, just a soft landing place for the images and words that transform our blank journals into beautiful visual diaries. Simple beginnings, in the form of loose intuitive sketches are a great warmup for the color and collage that comes next. As we embrace the notion of free style journaling, we will learn to accept our scribbles, let go of the fear of covering them up and even approach our pages as mini vision boards for our swirling thoughts and ideas. 

Julie Hamilton - A Practice in Pieces 

The art of gestural mark making and many layers to create lively painted papers for use in collage. Large painterly work that is then deconstructed and then reconstructed using collage in your art journals. An opportunity to play and experiment and hopefully discover something new that you can use in your art practice.

Casey Turner - Releasing Emotion and Embracing Vellum

Art journaling is a need, it’s a healthy release of emotion. But what if we are intimidated by some of the pages in a journal? Can we fully lean into the process of art journaling if we are unsure how to work with certain pages? That’s how I felt about vellum…at first. But vellum can be your friend. I’m going to show you my art journaling process and how I’m embracing vellum. 

Mary Wangerin - Kaleidoscope Color Wheel  

“I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way- things I had no words for.” - Georgia O’Keefe

I absolutely love art journaling for all of the ways we can express thoughts + feelings through color, shapes, + texture, that we may not otherwise be able to communicate! 

In this lesson we will explore color + texture as we create our own version of a color wheel using favorite colors.

Meg Journals - Paper Scraps Poetry 

No words? No problem. Harness 'found phrases' and collage as tools for self-expression in your journal.

Vanessa Oliver-Lloyd - Feeling it All 

Check in with how you are feeling by using a transparency, color and bold lines to alter a portrait. We will trace a portrait which we will then alter using color, patterns and different media.

Tania Ahmed -  Conquering Blank Page-itis 

Take full advantage of the Get Messy Art Journal’s lay flat pages and gel print directly into your book of delights to create a bold, graphic, typography inspired spread. We will also incorporate elements of collage and learn how to add finishing touches to create a masterpiece that is personal, meaningful and uniquely you.

Meghann Early - Holding Space

Create a spread using the pocket  in your journal to practice forgiveness and self acceptance.

Tamara Łuć - Crafting Your Unique Self Portrait  

Come along on an insightful journey where we'll explore self-portraiture! In this lesson, we'll take a closer look at what questions we can ask, and knowledge we can gain from researching and looking at self-portraits. We will understand what we find attractive in others' art too and use that understanding to paint our own self-portraits in our journals.

Claudette - Make Your Journal Your Own 

Take your journal from beautifully pristine to wildly your own through some easy-to-follow techniques and reckless abandon.

Jane Lee - Bonus Lesson 

A surprise arriving in your classroom in May

Gm artist raemissigman

Rae Missigman

Rae Missigman, mixed media artist, author and instructor, is known for her vivid colors, intricate layering, and signature repetitive art marks. As an artist, Rae believes that creativity can be accomplished in bite sized pieces during even the busiest days. As an instructor, Rae strongly encourages all artists to trust themselves to fearlessly do what they love. She champions a bold voice, continuing education and finding inspiration in the everyday.

Gm artist claudettehasejager

Claudette Hasenjager

Claudette Hasenjager is a mixed-media artist living in sunny South Africa. She firmly believes that art has the power to heal and nurture the soul. Her art reflects the many facets of her inner landscape and gives expression to her multi-passionate personality. It is this deep calling from within that has fueled her passion for exploring various forms of creative expression. Through her art and her creative process, she strives to inspire others to heed the call of their own unique creative yearning, free their artist soul, and find comfort and healing through developing their own art practice.

Gm artist meg


Meg is a twenty-something art and junk journal lover who is obsessed with florals. She hosts the month-long prompt challenges #JunkJournalJanuary and #JunkJournalJuly on Instagram. She loves reading, cats, crochet, and a nice cup of tea.

Seasonofrituals welcome meghann

Meghann Early

Meghann is a tarot card reader and mixed media artist born and raised in New York City. She is passionate about art as a ritual practice and believes that creating is a powerful healing modality that everyone should have access to.

Gm artist caseyturner

Casey Turner

Casey is a life-long creative, wife, mother of five and even a grandmother. She discovered mixed media and art journaling in late 2020 during a time of grief and hasn’t stopped creating in her journals since then. She enjoys incorporating prayer and worship into her daily creative practice and wants to shout from the rooftops how beneficial art journaling is for the soul.

Gm artist vanessaoliverlloyd

Vanessa Oliver-Lloyd

Vanessa is a Canadian artist who lives abroad. This has lead her to explore art as a way of connecting and engaging with the world. She loves to share what she learns in classes that speak directly from the heart.

Gm artist janelee

Jane Lee

Meet Jane Lee, a down-to-earth destination wedding photographer based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She's not your typical globe-trotting photographer, but she does love a good adventure.

Jane's work takes her to different countries, and she absolutely enjoys every moment of her travels. What sets her apart is her simple yet heartfelt way of documenting her journeys. She carries her favourite Travelers Notebook, a trusty journal and her camera wherever she goes.

For Jane, it's all about capturing the essence of her adventures and the people she meets along the way. She takes plenty of photos and makes sure to print them out to keep record of her experiences. She believes in the power of sharing, and that's why she shares her journaling process on her Instagram and YouTube.

Jane also has a deep appreciation for art. She incorporates various media and techniques into her journal. From colorful splashes to reusing food label stickers, Jane's journal is a masterpiece in itself, filled with layers of creativity and emotions.

Jane's approach is relatable and grounded, just like your favorite travel companion who loves to document the journey as much as the destination. And she brings her artistic flair to every page, turning her journal into a work of art that reflects the beauty of her travels.

Gm artist tamarasagathevan

Tamara Łuć

Tamara is a South African Mixed Media Artist, teacher, and podcaster, based in Poland. Her colourful work features grumpy, quirky, and cute characters. She creates art, to help “unearth” herself.


Mary Wangerin

Mary is a mixed media artist living with her husband and their two children in the Pacific Northwest, where the forest meets the sea. Mary feels most at home with a paintbrush in one hand and a delicious cup of coffee in the other. When she is not painting, you can find her exploring nature with her boys, perusing a thrift store, or homemaking- with Gilmore Girls turned on in the background.

Gm artist juliehamilton temp

Julie Hamilton

Julie Hamilton is an artist who practices play and possibility. Her work is abstracted from nature. She loves using all of the mixed media materials, collage being her favorite.

Tania ahmed headshot square 600x600

Tania Ahmed

Tania is a Serial Gel Printer and Mixed Media Artist based in UK - originally from Pakistan, her style is eclectic, she loves bold colours, clashing patterns and is a self declared texture junkie. She is passionate about her love of art and teaching everything that she has learnt through trial and error. Tania believes that being creative is a way of life and that everyone can find joy through little pockets of peace in their hobbies.

Class Lessons

  1. Gm catalyst l 01
    Welcome to The Catalyst
  2. Gm catalyst l 08
    Crazy Happy + Vintage
  3. Gm catalyst l 10
    Holding Space
  4. Gm catalyst l 11
    Crafting Your Unique Self Portrait
  5. Gm catalyst l 02
    Sketch It Out, Color It In
  6. Gm catalyst l 03
    A Practice in Pieces
  7. Gm catalyst l 04
    Releasing Emotion and Embracing Vellum
  8. Gm catalyst l 05
    Kaleidoscope Color Wheel
  9. Gm catalyst l 06
    Paper Scraps Poetry
  10. Gm catalyst l 07
    Feeling it All
  11. Gm catalyst l 09
    Conquering Blank Page-itis
  12. Gm catalyst l 12
    Make Your Journal Your Own

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