Sign up for Junk Journal July here.
Sign up for Junk Journal July here.

Life as a creative is messy. Let's make it magic.

Nurture your artistic spark and creative consistency in the art journaling community made just for you.

Life as a creative is messy, let’s make it magic – join Get Messy.

Four ways to Get Messy right now


your creativity and launch your art journaling habit.


as an artist by expanding your knowledge and skills.


your art and take your creative life to the next level.


and create art with our Get Messy Art Journal.

Your season of art starts here

Take your creative life to the next level.


Want to unlock, unblock and unleash your creativity?

Get Messy is an online art journaling school that teaches you to cultivate your creativity. Without perfection. You’ll always be welcome in – messy mind, paint plops, charcoal smudges, ink-stained fingertips and all. Zero expectations. Zero pressure. All the fun.

Your messy artist family

Your messy artist family

We call ourselves Messians. We’ve held solo and group gallery shows, published books, been in magazines and actual newspapers, created online art schools, led retreats, sold our art, collaborated with other artists, quit our job for art, and taught art live.

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