Make Creativity part of your everyday.

Get Messy is a community and creative mentorship program for humans who want to explore their creativity, their voice, and their lives through art journaling (by embracing the mess).

Do you have a full life? A life filled with color and ideas and a desire to create? Are you ready to go from scrolling Instagram, dreaming of making what you see on your screen to creating artwork that overflows with YOU in it?

Led by Caylee Grey and Lauren Hooper, each month we explore different themes of what it means to live a creative life and turn it into art. You don’t need to move to Paris and become a starving artist to create art, share your passion, and make creative friends. But how do you get to that library full of shelves overflowing with your artwork? We’ve walked that path in between our busy lives and family and are here to show you the way.

You feel creative. You know there’s more. You feel a spark.

We want to ignite you and set you on fire.  Are you ready for your that creative light within you to burn bright?

Chase your creativity

Is this you?

I’ll make art another day

You walk into your art studio. It is bursting at the seams. So much pretty paper! So many paints! Mediums you don’t even know what to do with! 42 different art journals started but never really finished!

Oh and the mess…Instead of wading through all.that.stuff, you turn around and go binge watch Netflix and think ‘I want to make ALL the things but there are too many choices, too many ideas, I’ll just save them all for another day.’

Imagine this instead:

You walk into your art space, you see your favorite brush and it winks at you. Your most lovely paints are whispering…come play with us. You grab your thick art journal (because it’s so full of artwork you already made) and you open to the next blank page. You don’t hesitate because you have your idea all ready to go. You layer on that first bit of paint and while it dries you grab your ephemera (which is sorted by topic) and pick out a few pieces to add in next. You glue them down and grab your favorite pen and add your journaling last. You step back and snap a picture to share your finished (and new favorite) page with all your crafty friends on your group art hashtag #getmessyartjournal

Or maybe

“Im not a real artist”

You have no art supplies. You can’t seem to justify spending all that money on SO MANY supplies you think you need but you don’t know how to use and, honestly, probably won’t use. You walk into the paint aisle and *cue overwhelm.

So you leave with nothing and think ‘I’m an imposter, not a REAL artist, I have no business being in here’. You leave defeated, grab a soda and wish you could make those lovely things you see on instagram but have no idea where to start.

Now picture this instead:

You practically run into the art supply store because you cannot wait to create an art journal page with this new fun medium you learned about last night! You confidently walk into the medium aisle, grab that lovely jar full of creamy, colorful promises of crafty fun. You know exactly which name brand and type you want because the artist teaching the lesson told you her favorite one. You wink at the cashier and tell her “I’m going to get messy with this!’. You walk out with only the one item you need and feel proud knowing that you will use it well.

This could be you.

Here’s the thing: You already have everything you need to create the art of your dreams.

YOU have great ideas.

YOU have talent.

YOU have passion.

YOU have desire.

YOU have a unique eye for color and design.

YOU have experiences and stories that need to be told.

YOU have joy and pain and all the feelings that need to come through in your art.

YOU have art inside you. (link) And we’ll help you bring that artist to life.

If those scenarios we described are holding you back from creating and letting that art inside of you out, here is what you need to overcome those doubts and start making:

You need direction and guidance. Actionable tips on getting started, prompts to get your ideas focused and moving, accountability via a community of other creatives just like you who are cheering you and your work on.

You need artists sharing exactly how to use all those foreign to you mediums. You need someone you can ask which brand is better or what to do if everything goes all wrong.

Which scenario do you want as your story?

If you want to be the girl with paint always on her nails, a stack of completed art journals and confidence in the art supply aisle, then we have just the thing for you….

Being an artist and telling your story is closer/easier than you think. And Get Messy will teach you how.

In this membership, you’ll get the tools you need to get started making (today!), the community of other women to share your work with (no more feeling like the odd one out in the lunchroom!) and a leader duo who are going to teach you everything they know.

In a Get Messy membership, you get immediate access to:

    20+ art courses taught by expert artists
    26 themed courses with a focus seasons
    500+ tutorials for all skill and interest levels
    1000+ quick prompts to jumpstart your ideas into art
    70+ teachers to draw knowledge from
    art mentorship through expert interviews, and master classes
    forever access to the community forums and live artist hangouts

    Being an artist is about making art and art starts with you and your story.

    It doesn’t have to be hard. It doesn’t have to be complicated. And we’ll teach you how to start.

    Your roadmap looks like this:

    •  A monthly lesson on creative living + actionable steps to get you making
    • Our library of classes so you can explore the mediums + techniques that interest you
    • Tutorials that you can fit in your busy day
    • Prompts to fit into nap time
    • A community to answer your questions, share your experience with, bond with you over glue types and cheer you on

    Get Messy will change your life. I can’t really remember pre-Get Messy anymore.

    Almost instantly after joining, I became more creative, more motivated to create and most importantly (for me) I met and connected with a group of the loveliest, truly like minded people for what felt like the first time ever. 

    My biggest success is how much I have grown as an artist and just how much I’ve learned. I do more art and also share far more art on instagram, which means “real life” friends have seen it, and complemented it and realised I’m an “artist” and that has made me feel really, really proud. And I’m proud of owning art as my “thing” and talk passionately about it. And that’s thanks to Get Messy. I can’t imagine not being a part of it.

    – Charlotte

    Your fairy artmothers

    Lauren and Caylee met through their love for creating and created Get Messy out of their desire to grow as artists. We want to invite you into that love triangle. Us, you, art. Creating, consistency, growth. Friendship, creativity, inspiration.

    Lauren believes in all the colors, exploring the world, and creating from an overflow of life.

    Caylee believes in minimalism, making art during nap time, and owning your style.

    Together we will help you find your sweet spot of how you create, your style, your tribe and commit to your art practice. We are here to be your cheerleaders, your Bob Ross, your creative Yodas, your tough love, your idea pushers.

    I wouldn’t be able to create so much work without Get Messy’s constant support and appreciation

    Prior to becoming a Messian, I had this black hole inside me – it asked for something, some creativity, some inspiration, but I didn’t know how to feed it. As I joined get Messy, I discovered a whole new world where creativity could be a part of your everyday life.

    – Sasha

    Get Started

    Let Get Messy be your fairy art mother…

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    Uhm, What's art journaling? If you're kind of (completely) a noob, you will absolutely love our FREE How to Start Art Journaling class.

    The Dabbler

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    You're a certified dabbler. You'd love to be more consistent with art. Join us for a month to kickstart your creativity and see if Get Messy is the right fit for you.

    You'll receive access to all Get Messy membership content. You will be charged on the same day each month automagically. Pause, restart, or cancel your membership at any time.

    The Art Rockstar

    $290 per year

    You're already rocking the everyday creating, or close to it. You're looking for my tribe. Get Messy is the best art journaling community on the internet and we’d love to have you join us

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    New memberships are only available during the last week of the month.

    After registration you will have immediate access. You’ll have access as long as you’re a member to watch the lessons any time, at your own pace, with or without pants.

    (our vote is always the pants-less option)

    We believe Art Heals

    We make sure that every artist in Get Messy is an art rockstar. Get Messy gives 10% of its income to our favourite creative charity. Art Feeds provides free therapeutic art and creative education programs within schools and children’s organisations.

    I am forever grateful for this community who not only make me feel loved but also cause me to laugh…a lot!

    Before I joined Get Messy I had been long out-of-touch with my inner artist. Sure my creativity came out in different ways, but I had let life knock art straight off of my priority list. Now I make creating one of my top priorities and it’s made me a better person. My mental and emotional health are vastly improved when my creative habit is in check.

    Since joining Get Messy I’ve created so much more, I’ve become more consistent in my creative practice each year since I’ve joined, and I’ve found amazing people to share life’s journey with.

    Get Messy has been a lifesaver and a home to me.

    – Jessica

    You’re ready now.