Life as a creative is messy. Let's make it magic.

Nurture your artistic spark and creative consistency in the art journaling community made just for you.

Get Messy is an online art journaling school that teaches you to cultivate your creativity. Without perfection. You’ll always be welcome in – messy mind, paint plops, charcoal smudges, ink-stained fingertips and all. Zero expectations. Zero pressure. All the fun.

Here at Get Messy, we’re on a mission to inspire fellow aspiring artists and creatives all across the globe to DO THE DAMN ARTY THING.

Forget the dishes. Ignore the laundry. And turn your phone on silent. It’ll all wait.

For now, it’s time to create.

Peek inside the Get Messy art journal community

Get Messy is a creative community with a devoted membership site designed especially for the sparkly-eyed, paint-smudged, messy-minded, and creative-hearted.

Here you’ll find a home where messy artists from blossoming beginners to prolific pros explore and expand their creativity through thousands of tutorials, art prompts and actionable inspiration created by over 100 creative mentors across a variety of styles.

But, wait …

What the Frida Kahlo is art journaling?

Art journaling is an ancient (we imagine, probably), secret (no longer, not sorry) practice that takes you from creative dreaming to creative DOING.

‘Cause let’s face it … those drips and spurts of creative inspiration aren’t helping you become the prolific artist you’re destined to be.

Which is where art journaling comes in. An art journal is a notebook that you fill with drawings, paintings, thoughts, words, lyrics, photos, magazine cut-outs and ephemera from your life.

It can have lots of words or no words. You can use it to document your life and express your emotions, or you can use it to practice art techniques that interest you.

But ultimately, art journaling is all about creating for the sake of creating.

It’s powerful. It’s cathartic. It’s messy. It’s yours.

Or rather … it’s ours.

Messy Artist creating in her journals with watercolour
artists part of the Get Messy community
your messy family as a messy artist
We call ourselves Messians. We’ve held solo and group gallery shows, published books, been in magazines and actual newspapers, created online art schools (and art communities of our own), been featured by Instagram, led retreats, sold our art, collaborated with other artists, quit our job for art, and taught art live.

Mainly, we’ve created a LOT of art.

Meet your Fairy Artmother

I’m Caylee. Semi-professional dog-collector (I only have one pooch right now – but I dream of parenting six diabolically ugly dogs) and resident fairy artmother here to guide you through the creative chaos of cultivating a consistent art habit.

I have horrible taste in music but spectacular taste in humans … which is why I’m so happy you’re here!

For the past six years I’ve been happily swishing and flicking my arty wand as I help fellow creative humans just like you embrace the mess and magic of a fulfilling creative life.

Spoiler alert: It involves creating. Not thinking about creating. Not daydreaming about creating. But. Actually. Creating. And I’ve got just the arty tools to help you do it.

Caylee Grey, host of Get Messy

Four ways to get messy right now


your creativity and launch your art journaling habit.


as an artist by expanding your knowledge and skills.


your artistic practice and take your creative life to the next level.


with a community of humans that get you and your arty awesomeness.
messy hand holding Get Messy amongst paint supplies

Here’s how you’ll know you’re in the right place.

From blossoming beginners through to prolific pros, Get Messy challenges, supports, high-fives and empowers you with the WHAT and HOW of art journaling so you have everything you need to.

You love:

Sparking new ideas, methods and creative adventures.
Expanding and growing your skills with our panel of 100+ expert arty pros.
Practising and levelling-up your art techniques – both new and old.
Connecting with your fellow artists and finding your creative home.

 Psst – want a delicious taste of art journaling
without cashing in your inner Monet?

In How to Start Art Journaling, we’ll walk you through the art of art journaling, including how to start doing (🙌) and make your very first art journal page (even if you’ve never even opened an art journal before).

Perfect for testing out that art journal magic.