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The Minimalist Art Journal 2 - $127

with Caylee Grey, Cait Sherwood, Katie Licht, Alicia Schultz, Merel Djamila, Tina Aszmus, Sarah Rondon, Vanessa Oliver-Lloyd

The Minimalist Art Journal 2

The Minimalist Art Journal is all about finding your calm and putting your emotions on a page. Nothing more, nothing less. Sit down, get a nice cup of tea and face the blank page. Get away from the clutter and overload of normal life and just focus on what makes this moment, this hour, this day important. No overload of extras and stuff. Just you, a blank page and the basics.

This is about taking time

This is about doing less

This is about you.


I started art journaling in a minimalist way because I was in South Africa and didn’t have access to supplies. I had a single box of creating things, including my ephemera, Pritt, scissors, and literally one colour of paint (gold). I then moved to Germany where I could get new tools and supplies shipped to my door overnight (bless you, St. Amazon). I was like Jasmine on a freakin’ flying carpet. It was a whole new world.

But after a while, I actually sat back and took stock. I evaluated what I wanted in my space, and in my art, and realised I didn’t want a room of supplies that sat collecting dust. I wanted to use everything. I wanted to love everything I kept.

I did a mssive purge, with the aim of ensuring that the only things that stayed were things that I loved dearly. That’s when I made the first Minimalist Art Journal class.

Fast forward three(!) years and minimalist art journaling is something that has once again evolved and taken on a new meaning for me. It’s no longer just an aesthetic choice, but a creative necessity. Last year, I brought a new human onto the planet, and I’m not as free to create as I used to be. I have less time, less room, and less brain-space to devote to my art journal. But my need to create has remained as burning as ever.

If you’ve ever had a drastic change in your life, you’ll know what I mean. Having a son not only took away my sleep, my time, and my boobs (HA). It also took all my thoughts away from me because damn does that cutie pie occupy my entire brain.

So I had a problem: how could I have my creativity fulfilled while working within these new limitations?

The answer was to go back to my roots, and return to minimalism.

MAJ2 is not about “making time for art,” but about fitting art into the life you already have. The real one, with commitments and responsibilities. The one where you don’t get to take a day off to commune with your muse, or follow a magical unicorn into the forest of mystical inspiration. MAJ is about creating where you are, with what you have.

Less supplies. Simpler process. Calmer art.

I’d love to have you along for the second leg of this adventure.

Gm artist cayleegrey

Caylee Grey

Hyperbolic journaler and imperfect artist, Caylee Grey is also a wife and mother from South Africa. Caylee is the Fairy Artmother of the Get Messy art journal community, book, and art supplies brand. She has sworn an oath to embrace the messy middle and believes that more than zero is enough.

Gm artist caitsherwood

Cait Sherwood

Cait Sherwood is a mixed-media painter who works into art journals daily. She lives on a farm in Brookeville, Maryland. She is obsessed with understanding the creative process.

Gm katielicht 02 1

Katie Licht

Katie Licht is a homemaker, mother of two, and graphic designer/artist. Her inspirations are nature, children, her spiritual life, and library books. She has been making collages for over 20 years.

Gm artist aliciaschultz

Alicia Schultz

Alicia lives in Portland, Oregon. She loves to create intuitively and freely and let the art come out without holding back. When it all comes together on a spread, it feels magical, meaningful, and like a deep breath for her soul. The worst part of art journaling can be the in-between stages. When she’s just finished a journal and is getting ready to start another, sometimes she needs a small break between the two. It’s as if she needs to come down from finishing and get into a new state of mind to start the next one! Her favorite dinosaur is the triceratops because she says she relates to that three-horned dino!

Gm mereldjamila

Merel Djamila

Merel is a twenty-year-old creative self-taught journal artist. Although she’s still a graphic design student, she devotes all of her free time to art journaling and writing.

Gm mm tina

Tina Aszmus

Tina is the illustrator and memory keeper behind LifeLovePaper. She resides in Alaska with her husband Jeff, her son, Tyler and her furry friends Emmy and Ollie. When she's not creating or drawing, she's out thrifting and enjoying the outdoors.

Gm hostguide sarah

Sarah Rondon

Living just north of New York City, Sarah is curious about art. Curious about color, pattern, images and how she can play them off each other.

Gm artist vanessaoliverlloyd

Vanessa Oliver-Lloyd

Vanessa is a Canadian artist who lives abroad. This has lead her to explore art as a way of connecting and engaging with the world. She loves to share what she learns in classes that speak directly from the heart.

Class Lessons

  1. 0. start
    0. Start
  2. I. catalyst
    I. Catalyst
  3. Ii. art
    II: Art
  4. Iii. journal
    III. Journal
  5. Iv. journal
    IV. Journal
  6. V. journal
    V. Journal
  7. 1. less stuff
    1. Less Stuff
  8. 1.1 catalyst
    1.1 Catalyst
  9. 1.2 art
    1.2 Art
  10. 1.3 guest
    1.3 Guest
  11. 1.4 guest
    1.4 Guest
  12. 1.5 guest
    1.5 Guest
  13. 2. simpler process
    2. Simpler Process
  14. 2.1 catalyst
    2.1 Catalyst
  15. 2.2 art
    2.2 Art
  16. 2.3 art
    2.3 Art
  17. 2.4 guest
    2.4 Guest
  18. 2.5 guest
    2.5 Guest
  19. 3. calmer look
    3. Calmer Look
  20. 3.1 catalyst
    3.1 Catalyst
  21. 3.2 art
    3.2 Art
  22. 3.3 art
    3.3 Art
  23. 3.4 guest
    3.4 Guest
  24. 3.5 guest
    3.5 Guest
  25. Graduate

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