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Rituals - $127

with Vanessa Oliver-Lloyd



Rituals is about more intention, thoughtfulness, and awareness in your year. Rituals is for you if you feel like time has passed so quickly that you’re not sure where it went. You just know you need to make some changes or the rest of the year will pass in another blink. And between blinks, you still wouldn’t have made that art that you feel is in your deepest of deeps. 

Rituals is about making that deep art. It’s taking the next level in your art. It’s taking action to focus on your art, being intentional about it, and grounding yourself in time. 

Do you want to look back at your time and say, “I was intentional in my days and my art?” Do you want to feel like you really worked at bringing forth the art that has been waiting to come out? Do you want an art journal filled with art made with depth that only you can create? 

Vanessa is a prolific artist who specialises in creating thought-provoking, deep pieces of art, that happen to look great. Vanessa, who we call Queen V around these parts, is an artist who has an almost magical ability to bring out that depth in other artists. 

Although, as you know, there is no magic over here. We’re very practical around here. 

In Rituals, Vanessa turns her magic into action steps. These action steps were written for you

For each month, the course explores a theme directly related to that month’s season according to the solar and lunar calendar. You will be led through an art technique and/or medium for each month that will help you meditate on the theme and immerse yourself in this place and time to help you slow down the ticking calendar. When you join Rituals, you will receive immediate access to the 12 months of content. You can start at the beginning or you can start in the current month and let your Rituals practice flow through the next 12 months. You can work at your own pace, and you'll have long-term access to the course so you can schedule to work through the 12 lessons as best works for you.

Gm artist vanessaoliverlloyd

Vanessa Oliver-Lloyd

Vanessa is a Canadian artist who lives abroad. This has lead her to explore art as a way of connecting and engaging with the world. She loves to share what she learns in classes that speak directly from the heart.

Class Lessons

This class is PACKED. It includes one theme per month (plus bonus lessons!), each with two art journal tutorials - for a total of 24 spreads.

  1. Rituals planning reflection teaser v2
    Planning + Reflection
  2. Rituals welcome teaser
  3. Rituals jan new teaser
    January - New
  4. Rituals feb love teaser
    February - Love
  5. Rituals mar balance teaser
    March - Balance
  6. Rituals apr fertility teaser
    April - Fertility
  7. Rituals may rebirth teaser
    May - Rebirth
  8. Rituals jun nourish teaser
    June - Nourish
  9. Rituals jul spirit teaser
    July - Spirit
  10. Rituals aug harvest teaser
    August - Harvest
  11. Rituals sep renewal teaser
    September - Renewal
  12. Rituals oct heritage teaser
    October - Heritage
  13. Rituals nov gratitude teaser
    November - Gratitude
  14. Rituals dec closure teaser
    December - Closure
  15. Rituals bonus synthesis teaser
    Bonus - Synthesis

What you need for this class

Start making art like the student work shown above! In this class, each lesson or technique will recommend certain supplies, but generally the most important part of this class is to be intentional in your art journal each month. Using the supplies you currently have is all you need to get started.

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Long term access
  • Long term access
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  • One technique or medium tutorial and two art journal spreads (exploring solar and lunar aspects of the theme) per month
  • One completed Rituals art journal with 24 spreads, plus two bonus spreads
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  • Access to the private class community to ask your teacher questions and interact and build community with other artists in the class
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