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Messy May No. 3

30 messy artists

Messy May No. 3

For once a month, you are challenged to create daily-ish. 

That's right, daily- ish.

This is a free challenge where above all, it's  totally okay if you miss a day. 

It's a challenge where if you complete even one out of the 31 challenges, we'll be celebrating. 

This is a challenge for the  mess makers and recovering perfectionists. It's for those who miss their creative practice, want to jump start it, or are absolutely rocking one. 

Messy May is for you, exactly as you are right now.

Class Lessons

  1. Mm nav 01
    Welcome to Messy May!
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  3. Mm nav 03
    Host Artists
  4. Mm nav 04
    Gallery + Chat
  5. Mm nav 06
    Workbook + Bonuses
  6. Mm03 01 theme
    01 - Prologue - Caylee
  7. Mm03 02 theme
    02 - Nourish - Claudette
  8. Mm03 03 theme
    03 - Enchanted - Vanessa
  9. Mm03 04 theme
    04 - Blooming - Ramona
  10. Mm03 05 theme
    05 - Marks - Shawn
  11. Mm03 06 theme
    06 - Backgrounds - Barb
  12. Mm03 07 theme
    07 - Moments - Nicole
  13. Mm03 08 theme
    08 - Rays - Sheri
  14. Mm03 09 theme
    09 - Open - Sarah
  15. Mm03 10 theme
    10 - Reflect - Rebecca
  16. Mm03 11 theme
    11 - Curiosity - Nina
  17. Mm03 12 theme
    12 - Uncover - Katherine
  18. Mm03 13 theme
    13 - Gathering - Joy
  19. Mm03 14 theme
    14 - Shadow - Cariann
  20. Mm03 15 theme
    15 - Botanical - Laura
  21. Mm03 16 theme
    16 - Now - Phoebe
  22. Mm03 17 theme
    17 - Vintage - Meg
  23. Mm03 18 theme
    18 - Serendipity - Traci
  24. Mm03 19 theme
    19 - Roots - Christina
  25. Mm03 20 theme
    20 - Bold - Karen
  26. Mm03 21 theme
    21 - Location - Lauren
  27. Mm03 22 theme
    22 - Home - Esté
  28. Mm03 23 theme
    23 - Emotions - Susanne
  29. Mm03 24 theme
    24 - Experiment - Shannon
  30. Mm03 25 theme
    25 - Metamorphosis - Marianne
  31. Mm03 26 theme
    26 - Dreamy - Sasha
  32. Mm03 27 theme
    27 - Type - Yin
  33. Mm03 28 theme
    28 - Affirmation - Rikki
  34. Mm03 29 theme
    29 - Monoprint - Tania
  35. Mm03 30 theme
    30 - Stitching - Brooke
  36. Mm03 31 theme
    31 - Epilogue - Caylee
Messycollaboration v3

Messy Collaboration

We call ourselves Messians. We’ve held solo and group gallery shows, published books, been in magazines and actual newspapers, created online art schools (and art communities of our own), been featured by Instagram, led retreats, sold our art, collaborated with other artists, quit our job for art, and taught art live.

Mainly, we’ve created a LOT of art.

Gm artist cayleegrey

Caylee Grey

Hyperbolic journaler and imperfect artist, Caylee Grey is also a wife and mother from South Africa. Caylee is the Fairy Artmother of the Get Messy art journal community, book, and art supplies brand. She has sworn an oath to embrace the messy middle and believes that more than zero is enough.

Gm hostguide shannon

Shannon Yates

Creating things of beauty in her art studio and garden, when it is not covered in snow, gives her pure JOY! Getting messy either with dirt or paint on her hands makes her heart sing. After raising her family and 40+ years in a professional career, she has comfortably settled into a routine that involves more 'me' time, and she doesn’t feel one bit guilty about it. Always, she has felt that she lives in a world of art - all the colours, texture, shapes, movement - we are surrounded by it if we choose to see and feel it!

Gm hostguide sarah

Sarah Rondon

Living just north of New York City, Sarah is curious about art. Curious about color, pattern, images and how she can play them off each other.

Gm artist sasha

Sasha Zeen

Sasha is an artist from Ukraine currently residing in Poland. She has been part of the Get Messy community since 2016 and is currently Get Messy Instagram Cheerleader. She is the one you chat to in the comments and DMs here. 👋😊

Gm artist marianneburger

Marianne Burger

Marianne lives on the West Coast of Namibia. Influenced by her love for paper, nature and fashion, she works predominantly in mixed media and hand-cut (analogue) recycled paper and magazine collage, creating whimsical postcard art as well as more reflective pieces and journal spreads. Her work is a whimsical twist on the everyday as she believes collage can defy logic and brings forth a sense of wonder and playfulness in simple compositions. Find more of her work at

Gm artist claudettehasejager

Claudette Hasenjager

Claudette Hasenjager is a mixed-media artist living in sunny South Africa. She firmly believes that art has the power to heal and nurture the soul. Her art reflects the many facets of her inner landscape and gives expression to her multi-passionate personality. It is this deep calling from within that has fueled her passion for exploring various forms of creative expression. Through her art and her creative process, she strives to inspire others to heed the call of their own unique creative yearning, free their artist soul, and find comfort and healing through developing their own art practice.

Gm hostguide phoebe

Phoebe Noetzel

Phoebe finds herself in the busy “messy middle” of family and work, while trying to regularly carve out space for her creativity. Her art journals are essential containers for documenting her life (inner and outer) and gathering things from her everyday life that spark joy or contain wisdom.

Gm artist meg


Meg is a twenty-something art and junk journal lover who is obsessed with florals. She hosts the month-long prompt challenges #JunkJournalJanuary and #JunkJournalJuly on Instagram. She loves reading, cats, crochet, and a nice cup of tea.

Gm hostguide karen

Karen Price

Karen is a Canadian mixed media artist and visual storyteller living in Calgary, Alberta. She has a crazy love for all things vintage, which is often featured in her art.

Gm artist joymalcolm

Joy Malcolm

Joy is a New Hampshire based mixed media artist and bookbinder. Her artwork and handmade books seek to explore the connection between the natural world and memory, the tangible and intangible ephemera that we inherit from past generations, what remains, and the power of place and personal geography.

Gm hostguide barb

Barb Martin

Barb is a lifetime member of Get Messy member since 2019. She loves experimenting with all different types of media.

Gm hostguide traci

Traci Taylor

Traci is a contented empty nester thrilled to be in the Grandma (“Annie”) phase of life! She has always been creative in some way through music, writing, painting, scrapbooking and crafting; though focused time to create was scarce as she and her husband raised their family and worked. She found mixed media, art journaling and the Get Messy community just over two years ago and it has brought new freedom, fun and friends to the reawakened artist in her!

Gm hostguide cariann

Cariann Briley

Cariann is a writer and an artist. She loves writing poetry, stories, meditations, keeping a journal, and creates to express her emotions. She strives to inspire others to express themselves through writing and art.

Gm artist sherisears

Sheri Sears

Sheri, born and raised in Northern California, spent her youth and young adult life hiking through forests, climbing mountains, and wading through streams to find isolated spots to sit and write poetry and doodle. After a move halfway across the United States and raising her four children, she is returning to her bohemian roots by dipping her hands in paint and creating on a daily basis. Sheri’s life motto is to “always be kind”, she tries to impart encouraging words and gentleness on everyone who crosses her path.

Gm artist vanessaoliverlloyd

Vanessa Oliver-Lloyd

Vanessa is a Canadian artist who lives abroad. This has lead her to explore art as a way of connecting and engaging with the world. She loves to share what she learns in classes that speak directly from the heart.

Gm artist laurenfairweather

Lauren Fairweather

Lauren (they/she) is an artist, singer-songwriter, and graphic designer from Rhode Island who loves falling down internet rabbit holes to learn new skills and has ended up with an incredibly varied and cute-weird portfolio as a result. Journaling is one of their longest creative loves and they even designed one of Chic Sparrow’s best-selling limited edition journal covers (a dream project called the Fairweather).

Gm artist rikkihorvatic

Rikki Horvatic

Rikki is a stay-at-home mom in the Midwest, and she is in love with art journaling. You can usually find her at one of her three desks working on art in some shape or form, if she’s not running after her two little ones.

Tania ahmed headshot square 600x600

Tania Ahmed

Tania is a Serial Gel Printer and Mixed Media Artist based in UK - originally from Pakistan, her style is eclectic, she loves bold colours, clashing patterns and is a self declared texture junkie. She is passionate about her love of art and teaching everything that she has learnt through trial and error. Tania believes that being creative is a way of life and that everyone can find joy through little pockets of peace in their hobbies.

Gm artist susannem%c3%bcller

Susanne Müller

Susanne was born and still lives in Bavaria, Germany. She has always been creative in some way throughout her life, with colors, fabrics, wood, needle and thread and, of course, paper. When she discovered junk and art journaling, all of these media and techniques finally came together for her. She loves to be open and experimental in her art. Her works of art are also strongly influenced by her work as a psychotherapist. Susanne sees art journaling as a powerful tool, that helps people express and deal with their feelings.

Gm artist christinakeim

Christina Keim

Christina Keim (a.k.a. BonfireArt) is a mixed-media artist and passionate art journaler from Germany, based in Buenos Aires / Argentina. Creating without pressure, embracing the process, finding spaces for contemplation, experimentation, healing and self-discovery through art are the focal point of her work. She shares how to create with joy and intention as a form of self-care.

Gm artist nicolewarrington

Nicole Warrington

Nicole Warrington is an artist and educator on Vancouver Island on Canada’s West Coast. She works with watercolour and mixed media to create art journals and paintings. Her art is deeply inspired by her connection to the landscape and natural world. She is passionate about using her creativity as a practice in mindfulness and self-care. Nicole enjoys trail running, yoga, meditation, and exploring the forests, mountains and beaches with her husband and two daughters. She teaches in-person and online classes art classes.

Gm artist estemacleod

Esté MacLeod

Esté was born in South Africa where she studied textile design. She moved with her husband to England in 1999. Apart from being a professional artist, Esté is also a designer who licenses her work for applications on textiles, wallpaper, homeware and various other paper products. Esté has been teaching online art courses since 2015. Inspiring others to make stronger connections to their own creativity motivates her way of teaching. In 2021, Esté launched Coloricombo, a weekly colour prompt inspired by artists and designers from the past. You can sign up for FREE on Substack.

Gm artist ramonasamuels

Ramona Samuels

Ramona is a mixed media artist living in Salem, Ut. She has been creating art and filling art journals for the last 15 years. Her hope is to get as many art journals in the hands of creative people as possible. Several of her journals have been featured in multiple Stampington publications, and her journal work has been featured in multiple art shows. She has enjoyed sharing her philosophy and techniques around art journaling in creative workshops across the country.

Gm artist shawnpetite

Shawn Petite

Shawn Petite is a mixed media artist living her dreams of creating every day. She’s been teaching and creating for over 30 years in many different mediums but found her art soul mate in mixed media. She produces her own line of stencils, creates soulful and informative online workshops on mixed media and sells her art originals, prints and products at But most importantly, she tries every day to encourage, uplift and give meaning to our everyday lives, and shares how to do that through mixed media art. Shawn wants to show love with her paint brush and to leave her little corner of the world a better place.

Gm artist lauradame

Laura Dame

Laura is a mixed media artist based in Austin, TX. She loves to play around and experiment in art journals, and also enjoys dabbling in abstract, collage, and floral artworks. Laura’s favorite thing about art is that there are no rules - the only requirement is that whatever you create makes you happy!

Gm artist rebeccachapman

Rebecca Chapman

Rebecca lives and works near Brighton on the South coast of the UK. She's a busy mum, but she carves out time for her mixed media art sketchbooks and journals. Nature is her constant inspiration, and you'll often find her using colorful collage papers in her work. Photography is another passion of hers, and she loves to include it into her creative process whenever she gets the chance.

Gm artist yingo

Yin Goh

Yin was born, bred and still lives in her lovely island country state of Singapore. She is a memory keeper at heart who loves to capture and remember days, feelings, and stories. Then she discovered art journaling, junk journaling, urban sketching and mixed media, and is now forever on a quest to marry them all on her pages.

Gm artist brookehenry

Brooke Henry

Brooke has always felt a deep-rooted need to be creative and to work with her hands. This drive has manifested in many forms over the years and it all started with an origin in sewing and quilting. Her interests expanded quickly to include any medium she could get her hands on. Through years of exploration and returning to child-like play, she has found her home in mixed media art journaling. She specializes in finding ways to bring more texture into artwork by using textiles and intuitive stitching all while combining techniques and elements that don’t “go together.” Her passion ignites when she focuses on creative problem-solving through play and experimentation, which often leads to the birth of innovative ideas. Her purpose is truly fulfilled, and her heart overflows with happiness when she not only shares her artistic knowledge but also guides others to break down their inner thought barriers in order to create freely and trust their artistic intuition.

Gm artist ninatara

Nina Tara

Nina has always worked in the creative field. Originally trained as a graphic designer, designing many book covers for a variety of publishers, Nina retrained at a later time in life and now works as an Art Psychotherapist in and around London offering in person and online sessions for both individuals and corporate clients. Nina strives to help you explore with a curious and courageous mind. That’s where the possibilities are! Find more at

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