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Messy May No. 2

30 Messy Artists

Messy May No. 2

Messy May is for you, exactly as you are right now.

For one month, you are challenged to create daily-ish*.

That's right, daily- ish*.

This is a free challenge where above all, it's totally okay if you miss a day.

It's a challenge where if you complete even one out of the 31 challenges, we'll be celebrating.

This is a challenge for the mess makers and recovering perfectionists. It's for those who miss their creative practice, want to jump start it, or are absolutely rocking one.

Each day for the month of May, a different artist shares a prompt for you to create from as well as their interpretation of it.


1. Bring your messy self – As imperfect as you are and as glorious as you are. Your whole-ass messy self. Remember that “get messy” is an invitation.

2. Take what YOU need – No such thing as being behind

3. More than zero is enough – All art that you create is enough. 


More diaries have been killed by the idea that a diary must be written in daily than by any other single thing. Why? It feels like homework.

– Alexandra Johnson in Leaving a Trace


Class Lessons

  1. Mm showup 01
    Day 01 : New with Claudette
  2. Mm showup 02
    Day 02 : Expand with Claudette
  3. Mm showup 03
    Day 03 : Brain Dump with Tamara
  4. Mm showup 04
    Day 04 : Joy with Mitsuko
  5. Mm showup 05
    Day 05 : Elevate with Tina
  6. Mm showup 06
    Day 06 : Patchwork with Kia
  7. Mm showup 07
    Day 07 : Garner with Erin
  8. Mm showup 08
    Day 08 : Alchemy with Meghann
  9. Mm showup 09
    Day 09 : Layers with Andrea
  10. Mm showup 10
    Day 10 : Time with Katie
  11. Mm showup 11
    Day 11 : Notice with Andrea
  12. Mm showup 12
    Day 12 : Renewal with Erin
  13. Mm showup 13
    Day 13 : Serendipity with Karin
  14. Mm showup 14
    Day 14 : Let Go with Jennifer
  15. Mm showup 15
    Day 15 : Reimagine with Meg
  16. Mm showup 16
    Day 16 : Clusters with Stephanie
  17. Mm showup 17
    Day 17 : Explore with Tiffany
  18. Mm showup 18
    Day 18 : Extensions with Sophie
  19. Mm showup 19
    Day 19 : Gratitude with Jane
  20. Mm showup 20
    Day 20 : Trust with Eugénie
  21. Mm showup 21
    Day 21 : Lifelines with Mona
  22. Mm showup 22
    Day 22: Identity with Ché
  23. Mm showup 23
    Day 23 : Play with Ingrid
  24. Mm showup 24
    Day 24 : Palette with Elaine
  25. Mm showup 25
    Day 25 : Collaboration with Brian
  26. Mm showup 26
    Day 26 : Scraps with Sasha
  27. Mm showup 27
    Day 27 : Archive with Kaitlin
  28. Mm showup 28
    Day 28 : Mistakes with Liz
  29. Mm showup 29
    Day 29 : Sunburst with Traci
  30. Mm showup 30
    Day 30 : Favourite with Job
  31. Mm showup 31
    Day 31 : Un/finished with Caylee
Messycollaboration v3

Messy Collaboration

We call ourselves Messians. We’ve held solo and group gallery shows, published books, been in magazines and actual newspapers, created online art schools (and art communities of our own), been featured by Instagram, led retreats, sold our art, collaborated with other artists, quit our job for art, and taught art live.

Mainly, we’ve created a LOT of art.

Gm artist erinware

Erin Ware

Erin Ware is an artist, illustrator, and surface designer who finds all her best ideas tucked within the pages of her journals. She lives in Savannah, Georgia, with her husband, Nathan, and their kiddos, Felix and Evangeline. Teaching things like zine-making is actually her dream job.

Gm artist stephanietourial

Stephanie Tourial

Steph loves art, travel, and journaling. Born and raised in California. Living life as full as can be, one day at a time.

Gm artist cayleegrey

Caylee Grey

Hyperbolic journaler and imperfect artist, Caylee Grey is also a wife and mother from South Africa. Caylee is the Fairy Artmother of the Get Messy art journal community, book, and art supplies brand. She has sworn an oath to embrace the messy middle and believes that more than zero is enough.

Gm artist sasha

Sasha Zeen

Sasha is an artist from Ukraine currently residing in Poland. She has been part of the Get Messy community since 2016 and is currently Get Messy Instagram Cheerleader. She is the one you chat to in the comments and DMs here. 👋😊

Gm artist claudettehasejager

Claudette Hasenjager

Claudette Hasenjager is a mixed-media artist living in sunny South Africa. She firmly believes that art has the power to heal and nurture the soul. Her art reflects the many facets of her inner landscape and gives expression to her multi-passionate personality. It is this deep calling from within that has fueled her passion for exploring various forms of creative expression. Through her art and her creative process, she strives to inspire others to heed the call of their own unique creative yearning, free their artist soul, and find comfort and healing through developing their own art practice.

Gm artist meg


Meg is a twenty-something art and junk journal lover who is obsessed with florals. She hosts the month-long prompt challenges #JunkJournalJanuary and #JunkJournalJuly on Instagram. She loves reading, cats, crochet, and a nice cup of tea.

Seasonofrituals welcome meghann

Meghann Early

Meghann is a tarot card reader and mixed media artist born and raised in New York City. She is passionate about art as a ritual practice and believes that creating is a powerful healing modality that everyone should have access to.

Gm hostguide traci

Traci Taylor

Traci is a contented empty nester thrilled to be in the Grandma (“Annie”) phase of life! She has always been creative in some way through music, writing, painting, scrapbooking and crafting; though focused time to create was scarce as she and her husband raised their family and worked. She found mixed media, art journaling and the Get Messy community just over two years ago and it has brought new freedom, fun and friends to the reawakened artist in her!

Gm artist monastamm 02

Mona Stamm

Mona, the face behind @monaschreibt, is 38 years old and lives near Munich, Germany. She is a mixedmedia art journal artist and freelance interior designer. Mona always loved to design, paint and create. She started art journaling some years ago, when time was short with two little kids and ever since, art journaling is her favourite way to spend her art time and free her mind.

Gm artist janelee

Jane Lee

Meet Jane Lee, a down-to-earth destination wedding photographer based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She's not your typical globe-trotting photographer, but she does love a good adventure.

Jane's work takes her to different countries, and she absolutely enjoys every moment of her travels. What sets her apart is her simple yet heartfelt way of documenting her journeys. She carries her favourite Travelers Notebook, a trusty journal and her camera wherever she goes.

For Jane, it's all about capturing the essence of her adventures and the people she meets along the way. She takes plenty of photos and makes sure to print them out to keep record of her experiences. She believes in the power of sharing, and that's why she shares her journaling process on her Instagram and YouTube.

Jane also has a deep appreciation for art. She incorporates various media and techniques into her journal. From colorful splashes to reusing food label stickers, Jane's journal is a masterpiece in itself, filled with layers of creativity and emotions.

Jane's approach is relatable and grounded, just like your favorite travel companion who loves to document the journey as much as the destination. And she brings her artistic flair to every page, turning her journal into a work of art that reflects the beauty of her travels.

Gm artist lizconstable

Liz Constable

Liz is an accomplished book artist and author who has established an international audience from her studio in New Zealand. She’s inspired by nature, loves random things, art, teaching, woodworking, odd interactions, writing and travelling. Liz has always been fascinated by words and how they can be artistically used to enhance a story, and when she puts books and words together, the magic happens.

Gm artist mits


A Canadian living in Tokyo, Japan with her young family, she practices creative journaling as a way to celebrate the simple joys of life.

Gm artist tamarasagathevan

Tamara Łuć

Tamara is a South African Mixed Media Artist, teacher, and podcaster, based in Poland. Her colourful work features grumpy, quirky, and cute characters. She creates art, to help “unearth” herself.

Gm artist ingridmurray

Ingrid Murray

Ingrid Murray is a self-taught mixed media artist who began art journaling in 2009. Inspired by the innate creativity and sense of possibility that all of us experience as children, she lets intuition and chance lead the way in her practice, resulting in distinctively energetic and vibrant artwork.⁠

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