Hi friends, Lauren here! Great photography is one of my passions. I love capturing life and art through my lens. I’ve spent a lot of time practicing my skills and learning to take really great photos and one thing I learned is that it is actually really easy to take beautiful photos.


All you need is your phone and some natural light and you can make magic with that tiny device.

Taking photos of your art journal pages is really important so that you can become instagram famous and fly to the Bahamas on a private jet to swim with sharks with no fear. Wait, no that’s a different reason.

Seriously, taking photos of your art important so that we can actually SEE your art! Blurry, dark, cluttered photos make it hard to see your lovely and hard work. We WANT to see your details, lines, textures, colors, and patterns. But to do that, you have to share a clear photo with us.

But don’t worry, I’m going to show you ALL my tricks for taking drool-worthy Instagram photos that will help you build your own artists gallery, connect with other artists and help us appreciate your attention to detail and the beauty in each of your pages.

Watch the video below where I will show you to find the best light, take great photos, share my best professional photography hacks and how to edit your photos to give them that last bit of oomph to help them POP off the screen!

A Color Story app for editing

Still not convinced of the benefits of natural light (besides the Vitamin D)? Take a look at these photos:

Top Left: In a room with little natural light, overhead lights off

Top Right: In a room with little natural light, overhead lights on

Bottom Left: Natural light from a window, no edits

Bottom Right: Natural light, edits in A Color Story

WOW! The differences are astonishing, right?

Show your art journal a little love and take the beautiful photos of your artwork that it deserves.

Remember, the more you practice the better your photos will be and the easier/faster the process will go.

Be sure to share your work with us in your gallery in the forums and on instagram using #getmessyartjournal. We can’t wait to see your work, cheer you on and watch you connect with other artists through your beautiful work.

Happy Photographing! Lauren