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What is the Messy Artist Journey?

The Messy Artist Journey is a map for your creativity. But this isn’t a normal map because you’re not a normal human. Creativity isn’t something that you start at one point and end at another. It would be far easier if it was. But you’d miss out on the beauty of the messy middle.

As Brene Brown says, “The middle is messy, but it’s also where the magic happens”. And so, the journey is a trio of trails. If you’ve ever been on a hiking trail, you’ll know that they don’t always have a defined beginning or endpoint, and they are designed to be explored more than once.

You, glorious Messian, are able to (and encouraged to!) explore each trail more than once. You can wander through each section in order or roam them like hiking trails. The creative journey is a messy one, and you’ll need different things at different stages. Whether you’re only just beginning to even think about art, or if you’ve been doing this thing for decades, you’ll benefit from techniques and ideas in the first trail as much as the others.

There is no better trail, just different.

Each trail represents a different part of the Messy Artist’s journey – Spark, Grow, and Cultivate. Between these trails are a few minor, uncoloured trails linking back and forth between sections. And then there’s the one that holds them all together – Connect. Think of this fourth trail as a level up to whatever trail you’re on.

And so what’s the goal here? The goal is to go from the Artistic Desert to Artistic Freedom. The goal is to create art. And I’ll tell you right now, the keys to creating art involve:

  • Acting on your ideas
  • Ignoring / embracing / creating despite perfectionism
  • Making a LOT of art (good, bad, terrible, hilarious, true, all of it)

You can wander off the track, and that’s where all the fun happens. You can experiment, try new adventures, or simply just go off track. Losing your way and finding it back again is where the magic happens.