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3 ways to make the most out of your Get Messy membership

I’m going to tell these to you and you might think “yeah obviously, Caylee”. But these are easier to hear than they are to put into practice.

The three things are:

  1. Bring your messy self – As imperfect as you are and as glorious as you are. Your whole-ass messy self. Remember that “get messy” is an invitation.
  2. Take what YOU need – No such thing as being behind
  3. More than zero is enough – All art that you create is enough.

Let’s discuss them.

ONE: Bring your messy self


You joined an art community that is called Get Messy. Get Messy is an invitation to leave perfection at the door and all preconceived notions of what things are supposed to look like and just be you. You are accepted exactly as you are, as messy as you are.

You are accepted warts and all. You don’t have any warts or imperfections according to me, but I know you might think you do. Well, bring them all. They’re amazing. Warts are amazing.

In the way you show up for yourself, your art, your community… all of it is beautiful. All of it is good. All of it is right. All of it is enough. You’re enough as you are. As the glorious mess that you are. It makes things interesting. It makes things beautiful. We know this with our art. Or maybe you know it a little bit? You’ll learn. I dare you to learn it for yourself too.

TWO: Take what you need / no such thing as being behind

This is a very important one because we have the weekly challenges. Take what you need and know that there is no such thing as being behind.

Your life is messy. You are messy. We know this.

Your life is filled to the brim with responsibilities, your loved ones, your glorious, FULL life. If you are in a season where you’re super busy and can’t make art, that’s okay. That happens to me and this is literally what I do for a living.

Part of being an artist and part of the journey of doing art is learning how to take the entire world around you and turn it into art and art that you make based on all of your circumstances.

With regards to taking what you need, if there’s a challenge that doesn’t resonate with you, pick it apart until there’s something that does resonate with you. Make it as abstract as you like. You don’t ever have to follow something by the letter. You can be abstract with it. You don’t have to follow it exactly.

If you’d like to do the prompt by the letter, or you want to copy exactly what an artist has shared, do that. That’s totally cool.

If you want to take the smallest bit of it; if you’d like to take just one word they’ve said and run with it do that. That’s where the exciting things happen and that’s where you’re making art that is authentic to you – art that is your style and who you are.

You need to be aware of what you have to give to yourself or your art journal. One week you may be able to spend hours in it. Another week maybe nothing. I’ve recently been going through a time where there’s just nothing. But I’ve also been through a time where that was literally all I did and I forgot to eat. I’m just joking. I’ve never forgotten to eat.

You know what life is like for you. You know what you can commit.

It’s that intersection of what’s interesting you, what’s speaking to you and resonating with you. And also your raw materials – supplies, time. Time is a big one and that’s why I keep talking about time.

This thing is a process.

I understand FOMO. As artists, we get extreme FOMO. Instagram, the community, everything. There is a lot of life telling us all the great things we could be doing. Part of being a human is to learn how to take what we need.

I challenge you to really focus on that and be kind to yourself about these things. One week maybe you feel like you can’t make any art, but you know you need to refill? Do that.

I could speak on this for hours. Basically, it’s just knowing yourself a little bit. Knowing your barriers and working within them or around them. Know your energy – if you have a big deadline at work or your son’s soccer game then skip the challenge that week.

You can always come back. The challenge is not going to run away or leave you. Yes, it’s loads of fun to do it when everyone else is doing it but it’s even better to listen to your heart and your life.

The last week of the month is replenishment week. Please don’t say you’re behind on that.

If you want to, you can use that week for

  • challenges that you haven’t done yet
  • challenges you have done
  • creating on your own
  • joining a hangout
  • going through the library
  • using an amazing art class external to GM
  • doing absolutely nothing.

All of it’s great.

THREE: More than Zero is Enough

I’m here to tell you that anything that you do. Any art that you create. Is enough. If you do one word in your art journal, I am freaking celebrating that. I am shouting from the rooftops. I am stoked. If you do 12 pages in one sitting – go you, that’s amazing. If you go to one Get Messy hangout and you create for half an hour in that hangout and it’s all you do at Get Messy, that’s cool too.

With the community, don’t feel pressured to chat in the community. Everyone is giving the way they’re able to give and cheering the way they’re able to cheer. That’s the point of having this system and community and little imperfect family – you get to show up when you can. With the community side of things, if you can’t show up, someone else can. It’s this whole holistic, ubuntu way of living and creating that’s all just beautifully aligned.

So those are the three main tips. You’ll find your own along the way. Others will share their tips with you.

Also know we’re available at any time. Email [email protected] at any time.

We’re excited to help you create or help you take some downtime or help you fill your inspiration well. Whatever you need. We’re there for your art journey and so keen to help you. It makes my heart infinitely happy to receive an email from anyone in Get Messy about anything, really.

I love your faces. You mean the actual world to me.

I’m excited about what you’re going to create.