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Hey gorgeous Artist

I know that every podcast host ever shares how excited they are to speak to their guest but I really do find this whole podcasting and talking with amazing creatives around the world a massive podcast. I’m really looking forward to having you on the podcast and sharing your heart with messy artists. This page serves as a one-pager for all that I need from you in order for us to create the best podcast episode together.

It’s also kind of a to-do list, in order:

  • Book your timeslot
  • Fill out the form
  • Prep for our interview

If you’re stuck at any time, please send an email to [email protected] and they’ll help you. 

I can’t wait. Art + love


Step 1: Book your timeslot

Step 2: Fill out the form

Podcast Guest
Maximum upload size: 5MB
This will be cropped to a square image. Feel free to add more than one option.
Maximum upload size: 6MB
Images of your art, studio, work, or anything applicable to our discussion
The podcast interview will be casual and more of a conversation. What can I steer us towards? What is your zone of genius? What lights you on fire? Is there anything you would like to steer away from?
If there is anything that you are launching or currently promoting, I'd love to help divert the conversation to naturally talk about it.

Step 3: Prep for our interview

What to expect

Here’s what the podcast is about:

Making art should be easy. Turn up the music, select your arty weapons of choice, crack your knuckles and then, well, make art. But let’s be honest: Art is messy. (Heck, life is messy!)

So even though it’s so important to you to be an artist and create art regularly … you aren’t.

I get it.

You can’t be an artist because you have no time.
You can’t be an artist because you’re broke.
You can’t be an artist because you don’t have talent.
You can’t be an artist because you don’t know where to start … or how to finish.

But the truth is that you CAN be an artist. Right here, right now.

Hey, I’m Caylee Grey. Creator of Get Messy, official Fairy freaking Artmother and your pro excuse-squashing ninja.

In the Get Messy podcast, I’ll be chatting to a selection of amazing, real-life humans just like you are who are dealing with the very same barriers … but overcoming them to create their art.

Together, we’ll explore what it REALLY means to be an artist. Practically. Warts and all. So that you can be an artist, today, now, even if you work a day job, have a million and one commitments and own a cat that likes sitting on your art.

No more excuses. Okay? Okay.


I hope that you’ve listened to one of the episodes before coming on. The podcast is very casual and so am I. We embrace imperfection at Get Messy, and that extends to the podcast. Don’t worry if you forget your train of thought or accidentally say the wrong thing. Just let me know and we can edit it out. 

We follow a conversational style, rather than a formal interview, but I am here to help boost you and talk about how great you are. 

This is not a podcast with the goal of selling. Rather, it aims to gently invite those who fall in love with you to explore more of what you do and how they can dig deeper with what you put out into the world.


Prep Video

We will be meeting with our faces showing because I find the audio only phone call style super awkward. 

Most of the podcast episodes are shared inside the Get Messy Library as videos too. Please let me know in advance if you’re not okay with this. Doing this gives you access to Get Messy’s glorious 3000+ committed, actively art-making members, and I recommend it if you’d like to connect on a deeper level. 

Do not feel the need to wear makeup or dress up. We are all friends here. 


Prep Audio

Before your podcast appearance, here are some steps to maximise your audio quality during your upcoming podcast.

  • Wear headphones. This is essential to prevent echo and feedback. Don’t worry, any old pair of headphones / earphones will do.
  • Find a quiet space. Anything you can do to move away from external noise will be a big help. Please turn off airconditioning or loud white noise.
  • Turn off notifications. Ensure notifications on your phone and computer are switched off to avoid any interruptions.
  • Use a microphone if possible. If you have a USB mic or headset then please use this to record. If not, your built-in computer mic will be fine.
  • Position yourself correctly. Try to position yourself so that you are nice and close to the microphone for maximum clarity.
  • Use a stable internet connection. Record in a place with strong wifi, and close all other applications / downloads before the podcast. Ask your children to stop playing online games

The Get Messy Art Podcast is produced by James Ede. If you’re looking for a producer for your podcast or audiobook, give him an email and let him know I sent you. You’ll get a free episode and so will I. I LOVE him dearly. James will be the reason why you’re totally allowed to mess up or say something weird and have no one even hear your oopsies.

Step 4: Once we’ve recorded

Once we have recorded the files are passed on to James and the Get Messy support team. I batch record episodes in advance. You will be contacted with the air date, as well as graphics to help you promote it and get it to more ears.


If at any time you are stuck, we’d love to help out: [email protected]