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How to use the forums

The Forums are the meatiest part of our community. They are a deep resource for discussing art and life, to share your art, to find clubs with similar interests, and to catch up with your fellow Messians. There are threads for nearly everything here: introductions if you are new, chats about the current season, chats about Get Messy classes, a place where you can ask for feedback on what you are working on, a place to ask tool questions, a place to look for an accountability partner and project collaborators, a place to ask for support, a place to talk about meetups, a place to promote yourself and your work, a place for talking about non-art things and many, many other conversations.

Once you’ve poked around a bit, try checking in every other day and looking at the Unread Content tab (this is at the top!). That will give you an overview of what people are talking about. This is a perfect place to ask your questions about the season or talk out a problem (both art-related and not). You can join clubs where people are working on specific projects or scheduling and discussing an upcoming meet-up (maybe there’s one near you!). You can do a deep dive into the Questions forum and find the answer that you’ve been looking for regarding how to use a palette knife just so or if you don’t see the question listed that you’ve been wondering about, ask it! Someone else is probably wondering too. And someone else probably has some awesome tips.

This is a huge store of knowledge that only Messy Members have access to. Don’t let it go to waste!

Head on over to the forums