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How to contact fellow members directly

So you see a fellow Messian and you like their style or maybe they have a technique down that you’d really like to learn. Get in touch with them through the Forums, Facebook messaging, Instagram messaging, or heck, swap phone numbers and text! Messians make great real-life friends! This is all up to you and your level of comfort. We do not arrange these types of relationships but have a special place dedicated to that in the Forums.


So you’ve met some people and you like their style. Ask them to do a collaboration with you! A collab journal can take as many different forms as you can dream up. Before you start though, you might want to set some parameters: Will you make the journal or buy it? What size will it be? How many times will you swap? Will you work on each other’s pages or not? Set some ground rules. Make some things and then hit the post office. Waiting on the journals to arrive is the worst part. The best part is at the end you have a memento of some of your favourite Messian’s work. To start a collaboration post in the Forums what you would like to do and see who wants on board or message someone directly.