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Get Messy’s Community Manifesto

Get Messy is the wonderful space that it is because every member works at keeping it a safe space. We’re here to facilitate an amazing community experience in your art journey. That being said, we’re here in order to protect this safe space. We’re fierce mama bears. If you break these guidelines or commit community vibe killers, we reserve the right to cancel your membership at any time, without a refund.

The Community Guides that you agreed to upon joining are here.

This is your space to get messy. This is where it’s safe (and you’re encouraged!) to ditch your to-do list. Ignore the laundry. Shake off perfectionism. And create for the sake of creating.

Everything we do is rooted in kindness and being a good human. The community is a place to feel inspired, supported, and accepted.

Come in with your mug of coffee, wearing your paint-stained clothes, and unpack your bag full of art supplies. Pull up a chair, open your journal, and chat as you create. Share your work, celebrate and be celebrated, ask and answer questions, and share your favourite art supplies.