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How do I find my style?

What is a “style”? Is it important as an artist? What if I’m not even an artist, I just like to make stuff?

We get it. It’s really hard and overwhelming and EVERYONE else seems to have this amazing style that is so flawlessly just them, but not you. Nothing makes sense and all your artwork just feels like a hot mess.

Oh, we’ve been there. Heck! We still may be there on some days!

Your style as a maker is what makes your artwork uniquely you.

It is that thing that makes your artwork clearly stand out as YOURS and yours alone. But how do you get there?

Maybe you need to make stuff for 10, 20, 30 years and maybe eventually your style will come out from its hibernation cave and show itself. Or maybe it won’t.

We believe that your style can be defined and brought out from its hiding place in just a few simple steps.

We have been making art and searching for ‘our styles’ for years. But we are ready to debunk the myth that you have to wait for it to find you and that not having a style makes you any less of an artist. We are so excited for you to take this webinar and head down the path of finding your creative style.

Click here to watch the workshop.