Artist Spotlight

Shemi Dixon experiments without restraint

Shemi Dixon

Shemi is a art journaler. mixed media artist, Abstract painter. She teaches art workshops, creates online classes, and creates weekly tutorials on YouTube. Shemi believes every person is creative and an artist at heart. Shemi’s loves to help and encourage other people to discover their creative self.

What is art journaling to you?

It helps me to exercise my creative muscles and idea. Art journal for me is more process-driven. I love to create meaningful pages. Art journaling allows me to experiment with my creativity in a way that never restrains me.

What does community do for your art?

Being a part of the art community offers me accountability, connections, and feedback.

Shemi is one of the incredible teachers at Get Messy. She shares her art and her heart in the Season of Enough.

You’re invited to embrace the messy middle and join the best art journaling community on the internet.