Challenge: Staircase Dreamings

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it:

Draw a staircase and think about your biggest dream.

Draw it at the top of the staircase and then fill each step with the “steps” you’d have to take to make your biggest dream a reality.

We will be art journaling around your goal at the top of your staircase and the steps you need to take to reach it.

This challenge is hosted by Robyn McClendon

Robyn McClendon

Robyn, a mixed media artist, tells stories and encourages others to do the same through the visual context. As an Artaeomythologist, Robyn leads retreats and workshops that combine the visual arts, idea generation, and book arts to help participants find their voice, their story, and to be able to move forward and recognize a more authentic artistic experience.

Here’s your host’s take on the challenge:

More about Robyn McClendon

What is art journaling to you?

It is an important practice tool and process. It’s like practicing a piano. It is an important practice in my art for inspiration, for honing in on my techniques, discovering new techniques. Just as musicians practice their instruments or voice, art journaling is a way for visual artists to practice their creativity and expression. 

What does community do for your art?

Community is an opportunity to share ideas and be with people who share common core passions from the heart. For artists, it’s a special place where we can have visual dialogues together.

Art Showcase

Action Steps

Bring your imperfect, messy self, take what you need, and know that more than zero is enough. Click here for tips on making the most out of the challenges. 


Accept, adapt, or decline the challenge. Create.


Share your art in the gallery and your heart in the forums.