Challenge: Repurposed Florals

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it:

Create loose, abstract florals with paint, markers, crayons and the magic ingredient – acrylic skins.

By repurposing (rather than simply throwing away) old palettes and dried acrylic paint, we’ll add some texture and surprising pops of colour to your art journal.

This challenge is hosted by Sonal Nathwani

Sonal Nathwani

Born in Malawi, to Indian parents, Sonal grew up in England and now lives in Vienna, Austria. Following the birth of her younger son, Sonal decided to leave the finance industry to pursue her passion for painting. She now spends her studio time painting, teaching and creating art for various markets and companies including Artfully Walls, Minted and Anthropologie. Infinitely inspired by nature, her signature abstract florals embrace colour, a free spirit and the beauty of imperfection.

Here’s your host’s take on the challenge:

More about Sonal Nathwani

What is art journaling to you?

My sketchbooks are my playground as well as a form of retreat… a place where I feel both calm and excited at the same time.

What does community do for your art?

It’s always inspiring to see the creative spirit in action, whether it be techniques, use of materials, words, colours, tools, ideas – anything that is part of the process of making something out of nothing. It’s also fun to talk with people that get just as excited as I do about that particular shade of pink or my new pencil! I am forever grateful that my work resonates with so many wonderful people across the world and for their support.

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Action Steps

Bring your imperfect, messy self, take what you need, and know that more than zero is enough. Click here for tips on making the most out of the challenges. 


Accept, adapt, or decline the challenge. Create.


Share your art in the gallery and your heart in the forums.