This season’s artwork is created by @mediamixerart

Dear Messy Artist

Art journaling is all about digging deep. This season, we’re digging as deep as you’re willing to go.

You’re invited to go to the core. Your heritage. This is the Season of Heritage.

Your heritage can be connected to a place. It can be connected to people. Above all, it is connected to your deepest values and roots and the core of your heart. You’ll be creating fruits that extend from your roots.

On this journey of heritage, you won’t be alone. Make use of the resources in this new place you have come together in. The culture and the heritage we’re creating at Get Messy is one of inclusion, support, and cheerleading. You have three new teachers to guide you, encourage you, and challenge you.

Shemi Dixon

Shemi is a Mixed Media Artist/Teacher based in Denver CO. She believes the process of creating art is healing and deeply important. Her favorite art techniques are collage, doodling and mark making. Shemi hopes to be an inspiration to others and to inspire them to create art from their hearts.

Robyn McClendon

Robyn, a mixed media artist, tells stories and encourages others to do the same through the visual context. As an Artaeomythologist, Robyn leads retreats and workshops that combine the visual arts, idea generation, and book arts to help participants find their voice, their story, and to be able to move forward and recognize a more authentic artistic experience.

Sonal Nathwani

Born in Malawi, to Indian parents, Sonal grew up in England and now lives in Vienna, Austria. Following the birth of her younger son, Sonal decided to leave the finance industry to pursue her passion for painting. She now spends her studio time painting, teaching and creating art for various markets and companies including Artfully Walls, Minted and Anthropologie. Infinitely inspired by nature, her signature abstract florals embrace colour, a free spirit and the beauty of imperfection.

To begin this season, Shemi will lead us in creating artist affirmations. We will dig deep and remind ourselves of who we are. We’ll gently (but firmly) remind the inner critic of their place.

Then we’ll do some further digging into the goldmine that is you. What is your biggest dream? Let’s use art to show your heart again with a soft ushering of the steps to get you there with Robyn.

If you’re feeling like crusty acrylic paint on a dried paint palette 🏜️, we’ll breathe in some new life. Sonal will use her signature loose style to repurpose rather than throw away those crusty bits in order to add beauty and interest to a painting.

I love your face. I’m wildly excited about your creating and can’t wait to see what you’re going to do.

Art + love

Your fairy artmother, Caylee

Action Steps to kick off your season

Take what you need

Receive your weekly invitation to create from the host artist that week. Accept, adapt, or decline the challenge. Create.

Bring your messy self

Put your own, imperfect spin on things. Share your art in the gallery and your heart in the forums.

More than zero is enough

Any and all art that you create is enough. Use the last week each month to replenish and refill your artist well.

Want to know how to make the most out of your Get Messy membership?

This is a community genuinely and authentically rooted in kindness. Here are our top three tips for rocking your messy life.