This season’s artwork is created by @theachen

Dear Messy Artist

A lot can happen in a moment.

The perfect smear of paint.

Mixing the exact shade of blue that matches your vision in your head.

The a-ha moment of a fully formulated idea for that spot on that page you have from your journal three seasons ago.

But also,

Realising the paint was still wet immediately after closing your journal.

The ink bottle spilt across the page by the cat.

Accidentally drinking the paint water.

You know what I say? Those moments, even the ones that aren’t quite right?

They belong to you. 

The blue isn’t just the ratio you mixed some cobalt blue, phthalo green, and white. It’s evidence of your taste and preferences and the fact that you have a predisposition to the shade because of a dress you once wore that brought out the colour of your eyes.

And drinking your paint water? Well… come join the rest of us weirdos. It might be indicative of how much you love weak tea or just how loony you are and how you’re engrossed in the process.

 A moment is so much more than just its own short space of time.

Your art is a captured series of moments. Every page in your journal, documenting exactly who you are in that moment of time. 

This season, I invite you to choose your moments. Will you spend them making a giant mess and occasionally creating something lovely? Or will you spend them wishing you were creating art the way you’d like?

Will you focus on the process of creating?

Will you allow yourself to experience a flood of moments for each bit of time spent creating (and messing up) and more creating (and more messing up)?

Or will you try to focus on that last moment of creating and try to get the end result a perfect work of art?

You already know what my recommendation is 😉

This season, I invite you to take the moments for yourself, for your art, and for the process.


Art + love

Your fairy artmother

Action Steps to kick off your season

Take what you need

Receive your weekly invitation to create from the host artist that week. Accept, adapt, or decline the challenge. Create.

Bring your messy self

Put your own, imperfect spin on things. Share your art in the gallery and your heart in the forums.

More than zero is enough

Any and all art that you create is enough. Use the last week each month to replenish and refill your artist well.

Want to know how to make the most out of your Get Messy membership?

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