Vanessa Oliver-Lloyd

Vanessa is an archaeologist and an artist. She oscillates between these two poles of her personality and explores the many iterations of her reality in her art journal. She loves to share her art and process with others.

This lesson was created both as a bonus to The Inner Heroine and for the Season of Worthiness. If you’d like to enrol in the premium class, don’t forget your member discount.

Hello dear Messy Artists,

Sometimes, things get in the way of our art making – whether it’s time, emotions or life in general! But I want to impress upon you that you are worthy of taking this time for you, that your story – your journey – is worthy of being told as well.

The video below introduces this idea more clearly:

As you just heard, this bonus art spread is all about using favorite (hoarded) supplies, to show you that you are worthy of using these wonderful images/colors/ephemera that make you so happy. This story that you are telling is worthy of your most hoarded supplies and ideas! This is the project to use them in.

Let’s get into it!

We will be using packing tape transfers in this art spread. Here are the supplies you will need:


  • your Inner Heroine altered book
  • packing tape
  • glossy magazine images
  • most hoarded images or special paper
  • scissors
  • glue
  • sequins/glitter


Packaging Tape Transfers

The best part of packing tape transfers is that you have the image that you love so much, but you also have a really cool transparency effect. Which means that part of your book will show through the image that you have placed in the packing tape transfer. This allows for a really interesting combination with the altered book you are using.

To make packing tape transfers, you simply cover your image in packing tape (do not use scotch tape for this, you really need clear packing tape). Make sure you overlap the tape slightly so that the image doesn’t fall apart once you have taken away the paper fibre. Eliminate any air bubbles. Once your image is covered in the clear tape, place it in a sink of warm water. After a few minutes, start gently rubbing the backside of the image. You will be able to rub off all the paper backing in this way and you will be left with the packing tape transfer image.

Be sure to have a strainer catch the paper fibre bits that are in the water when you drain it because they will definitely clog your sink. Set your packing tape transfers glossy side down to dry.

The video below takes you through the first part of this method and shows you my approach to this spread.

As you just saw, you can do a little test strip with the image you want to use to see if it gives the desired effect. Just because I encourage you to use all the nice things doesn’t mean we can’t have a little planning in there!

The next video takes you through the rest of the art spread and shows you how I manage to add an image that I really love without altering it too much but without using it as is either. The moon phases image is by Sarah Eisenlohr that I found in Womankind magazine. You can buy this print in her Society6 store.

There is art magic that happens when you make space for it. This is what I have found to be true, time and time again. The text that shows through your image can often be a starting point for a whole new way of telling your story.

This is something we have discussed a lot in the first Allyship. I am so grateful to those artists and heroines, who bravely stepped into that space with me and were willing to open their hearts and journals to each other. A big part of my second journey came through thanks to those weekly sessions of support.

I am so grateful for you and grateful for your presence here.

Action Steps


create something based on this lesson


use your absolute favourite supplies


tell a part of your story through packaging tape transfer