To prepare your heart for the new Get Messy class called Unfold – The Art of Meditative Journaling, I interviewed (my) life coach, Kelli Saginak. In this conversation we talk about worthiness.

Kelli opens up about her history with control and anxiety, we talk about practical ways of dealing with lack of control, how to do things in a way that feels aligned to your beliefs, opportunities for exploration, a reframing of perfectionism, failure, and making mistakes. 

Kelli Saginak

Kelli enjoys serving as a Certified Life & Weight Coach, and Nationally Certified Health & Wellness Coach. She is also a Professor Emeritus of Counselor Education and Supervision. Kelli specializations in the neuroscience of anxiety, stress, and emotional eating, and helping women heal and thrive through self-compassion, self-love, and self-worth. In her free time, Kelli loves spending time with her family, walking, reading, cooking, and perfecting the art of "being" more and "doing" less.

Action Steps


prepare your heart for the new Get Messy class