This season’s artwork is created by @valloves2create

Dear Messy Artist 

You are worthy. Not because you have done anything, but simply because you are. In a world that tells us that we have to do x and y in order to be worth doing z, we go against the grain. You’re already used to going against the grain as you embrace imperfection and make art that focuses on process rather than product. Now it’s time to know, truly, that you are worthy.

You are worthy of taking time to create art just for you.

You are worthy of having a platform and sharing your art with others just because it gives you joy.

You are worthy of finding creative community that supports and cheerleads you on just because you are you.

You are worthy of calling yourself an artist because you make art

You are worthy of telling your story.

You are worth of self-compassion, self-love, and self-worthiness.

You are worthy of a beautiful unfolding.

After our deep exploration last month, we’re continuing to dig. Near the end of the month, there is a brand new class coming to your membership. It’s a new way of doing things, and it is going to revolutionise your artistic practice. Trust me. 

 I’m excited for all of it.

Download the Season of Worthiness Sidekick

Save this file to your computer, print it out, and keep it inside your journal to spark journal ideas.

So… Are you in?

If this season has sparked something in you and you’d like to nurture that spark into a flame, go through the action steps below. Take what you need from this season. Create with abandon and ignore perfection. Get Messy is the catalyst, but ultimately, this season is what you make of it.

Get excited. 

Art + love, Caylee

Action Steps to kick off your season

Welcome the new season in your journal

Introduce your journal to the season. You can do this by binding or starting a new journal, or by turning the page. If you’d like help with this, go through Bootcamp.

Answer these questions in the forums and/or your journal:

  1. What does this season mean to you? What is your personal definition, and what does it mean in the context of your life right now?
  2. What do you need this season? How can you show up for yourself this month? How can your fellow Messians help you?
  3. What would you like to explore this season? Which part of your heart would you like to dig into and what techniques would you like to hone? What new art supplies would you like to try? 

Share your commitment + be accountable

Create accountability for yourself. Announce it on Instagram, start or continue a Progress Log in the forums. On Instagram, the main hashtags are #getmessyartjournal, #getmessyart, and the season hashtag (#gmseasonof…). Tag @getmessyartjournal, especially in stories so that we can reshare. 

Pass on the love

This is a community genuinely and authentically rooted in kindness. Go through the hashtags and the forums to cheer others on.