Download the Season of Self: Soul Sidekick

Save this file to your computer, print it out, and keep it inside your journal to spark journal ideas.

For each lesson in Self:

  1. Create a zine.
  2. Create an introduction in your zine to your SOUL.
  3. Write what you love most about your SOUL.
  4. Answer the prompts that speak to you.


What makes you feel loved?

What sets your heart on fire?

How can you care for yourself right now?

Write about your sacred space.

Do you believe you find your purpose or that your purpose finds you? Do you have a purpose?

Write a mantra or guiding principle.

Write a list of your obsessions.

“Your main obsessions have power, they are what you will come back to in your art over and over again. We are run by our compulsions. Obsessions have power. Harness that power.” – from Writing Down the Bones by Natalie Goldberg


Here’s how I created a zine focused on my soul.

You can find the images I used in the Sidekick above.

Action Steps


create a zine focusing on your SOUL as a part of your Self