This season we are partnering up with another artist. You can find the partner with Get Messy’s help or on your own. Here are some tips and ideas from Char and Claudette.

Collaboration Dos and Don’ts


  • Be open and honest with your partner. If you do not like an idea, or do not feel comfortable with a suggestion, say something. We are not mind readers and we are not all the same. Honest communication is needed.
  • Be kind. While it is important to be honest, it is also important to be kind, and tactful. This partnership is supposed to be a light in your life, be the light you wish to see.
  • Be realistic. You know your circumstances and the level of energy you have available for the project. Work within a more conservative perimeter and allow for unexpected challenges.
  • Be dedicated. For a collaboration to be successful both partners need to be committed to the project.
    Keep in touch. Talk often.
  • Be yourself!  A collaboration is an opportunity to shine, challenge yourself, and embrace your style


  • Be afraid to speak up. If you are having trouble, say so. If you have an idea, share it.
  • Be unreasonable. Life throws us unexpected curve balls. If something comes up and the project needs to be adjusted, be kind to yourself, or your partner. It takes courage to admit when you are not able to follow through on a commitment, and gentleness can ease the sting.
  • Be too ambitious. We find that breaking down a project into smaller, more do-able sections allows for a more successful collaboration.


Art journal prompts

You and your collaboration partner can draw up a list of prompts for follow. They could include prompts like:

  • vintage
  • music
  • collage
  • texture
  • water
  • doodle
  • stencil
  • quote
  • old
  • new

Your prompts could be a little more specific:

  • use your favourite photograph
  • draw a mandala
  • use paper scraps to create a collage
  • finger painting
  • doodle faces
  • use a magazine image


You could respond to quotes by one person, or a few people. Maybe you choose to use quotes by great women in history, or famous artists, or even quotes linked to a specific word, or idea such as courage or collaboration.


If you and your partner would like to have a journal that could bolster your create practice throughout the year, you could decide to create a journal dedicated to a group of affirmations that you would like to carry with you.

The hero

Each journal spread could have a supply allocated as the hero of that spread. You could include heroes such as:

  • white gesso
  • charcoal
  • oil pastel
  • drawing ink
  • collage pieces

This is me

It would be special to have a journal dedicated to you right now. Your prompts could include:

  • my favourite word, word of the year
  • my favourite song/lyrics
  • what I am thankful for
  • a song from my childhood
  • my bucket list
  • my favourite mantra
  • how I feel today

Once you have decided how many pages your journal will include you can allocate a prompt for each spread.

Char + Claudette

Char is an artist, designer and maker whose work is abstract, intuitive and organic in style, with a no-rules approach. She loves using her creativity for personal expression and connection. Claudette is passionate about helping other women embrace those parts of themselves that they often feel shame around. She believes that those parts are where our magic lies. Using art, we can explore and cultivate these parts of ourselves and learn to love them deeply.

Action Steps


Choose a theme to your collaboration. Collaborate!