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Finishing Prompts + Sidekick

Download the season sidekick

Save this PDF to your computer, print it out, and let it accompany you on your artistic journey this season. This PDF is curvy in all the right places – it contains loads of images and text, so allow it some time to download.

Start right now

“You don’t need to go back in time to be awesome; you just have to start right now. Regretting that you didn’t start earlier is a great distraction from moving on your dream today, and the reality is that today is earlier than tomorrow.”
– Jon Acuff

What is that thing you wish you started years ago? Start that today.


“Whatever it takes to finish things, finish. You will learn more from a glorious failure than you ever will from something you never finished.”
– Neil Gaiman

Create a page that you’re almost sure to “fail” on. Try that thing that you know that you aren’t good at. Stretch beyond your skillset. How did it feel to fail? In what way have you still succeeded?

You decide when something is finished

We all have unfinished journals that we can’t seem to finish. Just because a journal has blank pages left does not mean that it’s incomplete. Each journal serves a purpose – sometimes this purpose is finished in a week and sometimes it is finished over years.

Either go back and fill in the last pages, or accept their unfinished state and move on.
Allow yourself to be okay with a journal being finished with its purpose rather than its number of completed pages.

Journal in one sitting

Find a small brochure or pamphlet with only a few pages. If you don’t have one at hand, fold one piece of paper into a zine. Collect your supplies, make a cup of tea or coffee, and sit down to create. Don’t stand up and don’t stop creating until the journal is complete.

If you only have one hour to complete the journal, work faster. Make decisions quicker. Use supplies that dry without too much waiting time. Learn how to work faster and how to be okay with less stuff on the page.


“90 percent perfect and shared with the world always changes more lives than 100 percent perfect and stuck in your head.”
– Jon Acuff

What would you love to share but are afraid of? Be vulnerable and open and share this in the Get Messy Forums or Galleries.

Commitment not time

“It is impossible to make time but you can always make a commitment.”
– Johnnie Dent Jr.

What can you commit to?

Don’t quit

“The secret is not following the right path, it’s following that right path to the end. Don’t quit, my friend, until you’ve arrived.”
– Toni Sorenson

What have you given up on in the past that you wish you hadn’t? Make a list of all these projects. Cross out the projects that are no longer important to you and get started on ticking off the ones that still are.

Help finishing

Create an art journal page that is purposefully unfinished. Ask your fellow Messians what you need to do next. Do that next thing and finish the page.


We are constantly outgrowing what we once thought we couldn’t live without, and falling in love with what we didn’t even know we wanted. Life keeps leading us on journeys we would never go on if it were up to us. Don’t be afraid. Find the lessons. Trust the journey.

What’s something you’ve moved on from that once meant the world to you? And, what’s something you love today that you never even knew you needed in your life?

Celebrate the finished

What are you really proud of having created? List out your creative accomplishments. Add glitter or confetti to the page to turn it into a celebration.

Say goodbye to judgement

What’s one thing you would do differently if you knew no one would judge you?


What do you need to say goodbye to? Say goodbye to it.