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Painting a ‘scene’ in your art journal

Ok so let’s get started! The goal is to create a ‘scene’ or a full painting spanning 2 pages or a spread in your art journal. Use whatever paint you like best. I’m using acrylic paint but gouache, acrylic ink or watercolor will all work as well.


  • your Art Journal! – you want to pick something that will work with acrylic paint
  • matte acrylic paints – my favorite brand for painting in a journal is the cheap kind from craft stores like Americana, Apple Barrel etc. Alternatives for acrylic could be Gouache or acrylic ink
  • paintbrushes, towels or rags, a toothbrush (for art) and a palette


  • extender medium
  • brush cleaner
  • Dorland’s wax medium (brand is Jacquard)


First, start out with what you want to paint. Look through your camera phone for striking photographs – some of my favorite paintings have been of my own photos, mainly because there’s a sentimentality and memory behind it.

Alternatively, there’s lots of other places to find great photos for reference. One of my favorites is a website called Unsplash. It has great photos and you can search using keywords. The photo I used for reference was taken by Adam Wilson and can be found here.


Action Steps


paint a scene in your art journal

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