Meet Connie and an Introduction to Painting as Affirmation

My name is Connie Solera. I am an artist, teacher, traveler, and a firm believer that art is the language of the soul. I have been on the artist journey ever since I could hold a pencil in my hand and squish clay in-between my toes. My commitment to art is what drove me to receive degrees in painting, art history, and art education. But my yearning to sink into the mystical facets of art has lead me to blaze a unique path of my own.

My passion lives inside the art-soul connection. Through a daily creative practice of drawing, painting, and printmaking, I embrace the unseen, scratch at life’s mysteries, and explore the deeper, darker spaces of my being. As a teacher, I love to guide my students to do the same.

During these times of great uncertainty, I am so honored to be here with all of you. Together lets hold our art journals close to our hearts as a safe sanctuary to affirm all the feels we are feeling, all the fears we are experiencing, and all the hope we can muster for a brighter future ahead. We got this Messians! Nobody knows how to handle the great unknown better than an art journaler! Let’s get started.

Connie Solera

Connie’s passion thrives inside the art-soul connection. Devoted to a daily creative practice of drawing, painting, and printmaking, Connie’s art embraces the unseen, scratches at life’s mysteries, and explores the deeper, darker spaces of her being. As a teacher with 25+ years of experience under her apron, Connie loves to guide her students to do the same.

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welcome our wonderful guest host for the season over on her Instagram page – @conniesolera