Turn your monoprinted pages into lettering with Mou’s technique.


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I feel my copy paper is now fairly dry, I can work with it. So what I’m going to do is cut out big handwritten letters out of this paper with scissors and then glue them down as my page title. And I sometimes approach this from the back and then do middle letters. For example, say I have B and instead of remembering to not go this way and then ending up with a B, I would do the mirror later. But sometimes I don’t even bother when it’s my personal journal. I just hold it like this and decide on my word. I think I’m going to do belong. Yeah, I think that fits and very, very basic. Absolutely. Preschool, kindergarten quality lettering. I’m just gonna cut out to be. And I sometimes don’t even draw them. That has also happened. It all depends. I’m trying to be good and walk you through all the steps, but when I’m working on my own, a lot of these steps really get skipped.

I like it, but I think I would prefer to have kind of an outline for this. So next time I write, let me just write with the pen. Why not? Because it’s going one collage on top of one monoprint on top of another. I am simply, I feel that the outline is going to help and if you don’t like to do this and you have die cutters or stamps or whatever, you could all always use that. And then there are stickers but well you know we are all about getting messy here. Be long. So this should be easy.

I don’t like the E. Okay, that happens a lot. Okay, so the next one would be, Oh Hmm. No I need to G she took it out free hand. I would just caught out an all first big Oh and this is a little big, it’s got it some more, the thing is when you cut it bigger you can get it smaller but if you got it too small and then you have to really start over cause you can’t make a smaller one bigger if you are uncomfortable cutting it. Like the way I’m cutting or this is too imperfect. You can simply just draw the line with a pencil and do it that way or do the mirror image from the back. Like I said earlier, it all depends on your personal test. I just enjoy the process. I don’t even think when I create or the thinking is not focused on what I’m making, it’s the thinking is somewhere else.

Hmm. I don’t want to do something for this one. This is the old, I’m just fording it in half and I’m going to give it to heart as the center of the, Ooh, I like that they stand out and yet they also blend in somewhat and at this point I think I’m just going to glue them down. I use this scotch scrapbookers to glue and there are two tips, but I kind of don’t have the patients so I just take that off and yeah, sometimes it takes a while for the dude to pop out. You could use a glue stick as well. If you want to use gel medium, you could do that. You could. Do you really use any kind of glue you like? I’m not intending to put any more layers on top of these things, like not a some way to layer on top. That’s why I’m not going to try to sell it in place. If I planned on doing that, I would have used the gel medium.

Yeah. I’m going to move this all a little bit. Actually. Let’s move theL down somewhat so that the [inaudible] can be placed where it sees a little bit of that red. Yeah, that’s another thing. It all doesn’t have to be lined up like it’s a dream. There’s something I can do here. I can just come in with a pencil and give it a little more definition. And this is just a simple graphite pencil. Yeah, I kinda like that helps to ground the lettering to the back to the background. See, none of these things are hard or difficult to learn or extremely novel or anything, but it’s always unique how you layer what comes first, what comes next and how it all come together. There is no right or wrong way and I am doing it this way. This may not be your style and that is okay. You do it in your style. Do your thinking. This is just an inspiration, a springboard for you to start your own thinking. And maybe maybe something I am doing here is going to inspire a spark, an idea for you. I feel I want to do a little more stamping.

Just no rhyme reason, nothing. Oh when I stamp my Daigle shakes a lot. Okay so let me see if I want to add any. And she locked those. I think I could use a little, little something. Nothing do. And this is like a shimmer gelato. The second set, they are all, this one is called a blue Topaz. They’re all names of various jewels and very cool. I love them. And if you’ve never used a gelato before, like I mentioned before, they are water soluble. So I’m just trying to wash my brush from the acrylic paints. And mind you, I’m not going to do extensive amount of water work here because this is not a very heavy paper had I planned for that I would have, but it’s okay to add a little touch here and there and I’m just adding a little bit of splatter.

You can’t plan these things. You just come in and do whatever your heart tells you at that time feel I might even bring in the pain and see how it is goes right. Job line did just give it a little more definition because I don’t feel that I have as much contrast as I would love to have and this again, it’s absolutely personal instead of just doing an outline now I’m creating almost like a fence around each later, which is basically just me having fun with whatever I am doing. And I, if one thing I can give you in terms of advice for your art journals is just have fun

Nothing is really any more important than that. When you are making art, art or at least our journaling kind of work because don’t show it to anybody if you’re not wanting to. And the channels are very parcel. My personal journals are really personal. They are never sent for publication then not shared online. But over time I think I have freed up a lot more because I suppose when you grow older you begin to understand that your experience is not isolated and other people have experienced it in some way also and they can identify with that and you connect with people in that manner, which also kind of on to show you the people that you belong with even though not in the same physical space but you just belong with them because of there is a sort of connection in that. Okay. And I’m just going to put some marks. I love putting this dots, dashes that are super simple to put and I feel love. I love looking at them. So they add a lot to my pages. Again, it’s all very, very personal and subjective. If the page doesn’t inspire you hope having fun with your page, does that I, there is some kind of a personal takeaway for you from this lesson

And when I come to stages like this, I can’t tell if when it’s enough, like when should I stop? So sometimes it does happen that I’ve gone more than I wanted to and there was no going back and I am rested and you know, over time really doesn’t matter. Oh, okay. I’m going to add my journaling next. Oh, I think this one, it’s something I love it when I can connect my elements together in one way or another. This makes for a more finished page in my opinion. And gelatos don’t always need to be blended. You can just leave them be our add water or not add water. It’s entirely up to you. I love that versatility.

Yeah. Well I need to know when to stop. Okay, so I’m going to read my journaling out to you. I wrote, I had to learn to be me before I knew who I belong to and I, I think that works for me. I’m not sure if I’ll feel the need to add something later, but I don’t think so. I usually rarely come back to an art journal page later to see if I want to add something or not, unless I’m teaching a class or something. It’s like it’s done and done. Okay. I’m going to know date my page. So let me turn my beige on. Today is the 9th of January, 2020 and today’s the day I filmed my lesson and that is it all done.

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