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What is home?

What does HOME mean to you? Char shares what it means to her, and prepares her supplies for creating.

What is home?


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Hi again, everyone. Before we dive into getting messy in our journal pages, I’d like to talk about the meaning behind our work because home is so personal and subjective. I feel it’s very fitting to reflect on the story that you want to tell. Okay. I hope you’ve had a chance to either work in or at least read through our sidekick, lovingly created by Caylee. I know you’ll agree it’s awesome and that she puts so much effort into this. So I went ahead and printed out my pages on cardstock and I used a a happy planner notebook. I liked the ring disbalance system very much and it just works beautifully for me at least.

So what I like about it is that as you’re working in your sidekick, all you need to do, I mean what I do is go ahead and I [inaudible] can remove the pages and then just put them back in and I’m all set to go. So it’s funny. But when Caylee and I first talked about the season of home [inaudible], she had no idea how significant the month of January is for me. And immediately afterwards I knew what I wanted to do or at least how everything was going to connect, which is why I had a big grin on my face when I read this and it says home as a person.

Of course I’m blessed that I have many that fit into this category, but for me, my thoughts always go back to my childhood. And so that person for me is my mom. Okay. After all, she was my first home and I honestly believe it’s no coincidence that today is, I feel in this segment with you that it’s also the anniversary of my mom’s passing. She died on January 13th, 2006 and we carry her with us every single day. And this day is always bittersweet. And so it was the month of January because my dad passed away on the 23rd of this month and my husband and I celebrate our wedding anniversary on the 29th so it means a lot to me. Okay. And here’s the picture, but I’m going to use for this journal spread. And that’s a picture of me and my mom in front of the grocery store. There it is Tableau grocery as my mint maiden name.

Okay. And okay. I don’t remember the [inaudible] the date. This is a copy of the original, but I do remember the dress. It was bright yellow and I think Brown eye cream background. Yeah. And yeah, look at that haircut. Anyway, this is, this is the picture that I want to use. And again, everything is connecting the use of the [inaudible] Brown paper bag, grocery bag, if you will. For the cover of my journal. Yeah. Just ties everything together. So what I’d like for you to do is to think about the direction you want to go. If he gets stuck, just be open, refer to the sidekick and trust the process we’re about to dive into. Thanks so much. And I’ll see you in the next segment.

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take time to reflect on what home is to you and think about how you can use what you already have. Make a journal page!

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