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Save this file to your computer, print it out, and keep it inside your journal to spark journal ideas.

Prompt #1

“Nothing of me is original. I am the combined effort of everyone I’ve ever known.” – Chuck Palahniuk

Who are you made of? Who has shaped you in your life? How have they shaped you? Pay homage to those who immediately come to mind.

Create a gallery within your journal showcasing portraits of those who immediately come to mind. Sketch their faces, embellish a photo of them, sketch objects that remind you of them, collate a representative colour palette, or put together a collage for them. Represent them in your favourite mixed media.

Do the same for those who formed your artist self.

Prompt #2

There is a philosophical concept by Epictetus called the Dichotomy of Control. This theory splits events into two – those within our control and those outside of it.


A logical conclusion to this theory is that we’d be happier if we focused only on the things we can control, and let the rest that we can’t control go.

What are you holding onto that you cannot control? Release it onto the pages of your journal in the form of scribble writing. Paint on top of it and add layers to turn it into art.


What big events have happened in your life? On your left page, write down important events that were out of your control (being born, living in a certain country, etc). On the right page, write down those that were in your control (choosing a job, creating art).

Prompt #3

Create a life mind map. Write out the different parts of your life and the different hats you wear. Get it out onto paper. Don’t get too detailed. This is a bird’s eye overview. Keep it non-specific. Once it is out, refine that list, create a hierarchy, and fill in the gaps. Be sure to watch the replay of the Life Mind Map workshop to keep you company as you create.

Prompt #4

Create a Reverse Bucket List. What great things have you done that past you would have added to a bucket list? What has made you proud? What has been scary but worth it? What has made a big impact on your life?

Prompt #5

Reflect another artist. Go through #getmessyartjournal and be inspired but something an artist has created. Reflect her work through your own eyes and with your own work. Be sure to tag them and share which parts you reflected.

Prompt #6 by Meghan D

Reflect back to a time when you lost some of your natural self esteem (I brought myself back to high school). Imagine your art journal page is a stage and design a set to reflect that time in your life. Now place the characters of yourself at the time and you now in the set to interact. What happens?

Prompt #7 by Meghan D

Imagine you are looking at your reflection in a mirror. But the you that you see is your own worst inner critic. Imagine yourself breaking that mirror and that critical self. What happens? How does it make you feel? How can you express the results in an art journal page?

Prompt #8

What does your inner critic tell you? Answer her. Ideas for displaying this visually:

  • write her words on the left page and your response on the right page.
  • type her words and handwrite yours in response
  • gesso over her words and script your own message above them
  • follow Sarah Rondon’s Healing Heart lesson in the Season of Kindness
  • use your inner critic’s words as an unimportant base on your art journal pages

Prompt #9

Look at yourself in the mirror. Really look at yourself. Create a blind contour or continuous line drawing self portrait. Use Vanessa’s tutorial on Creating Self Portraits Through Blind Drawing or Sasha’s Guide to Continuous Line Drawing.

Prompt #10

When you look into a mirror, who do you see? What do you see? Create a mirror on your page. Describe yourself in images, adjectives, verbs, or nouns.

Prompt #11

Create an ink blot page to explore how one page reflects on the other. Vanessa’s Using Ink Blots to Connect to Your Intuition tutorial in the Season of Introspection will lead you.

Prompt #12

Imagine looking at yourself in a pool of water. Pass your hand over the reflection and see yourself as an animal. What animal do you see and what does this animal mean to you? Have a conversation with this animal in your page, inspired artistically by its color or texture as well as what it reflects about you.

Prompt #13

Look at how your art has grown! Share three of your favourites inside Get Messy or on Instagram. Take a page you have previously created and redo it with your current skillset, and favourite tools and techniques.

Prompt #14 by Holly

Reflect upon those thoughts from your very own “itty-bitty-shitty committee” inside your head. Write them down in big loopy lettering, angry lettering, or however it feels best for you. Then turn your journal one quarter turn and write those thoughts over them. Do it again and again until you have replaced those thoughts with an affirming thought for yourself. Write that affirmation boldly on the page or over the hidden journaling.

Prompt #15 by Thea

Reflect on a topic and write your journaling in the shape of the subject you’re writing about.

Prompt #16

Reflect on your time as an artist. How has this impacted your life? How has being a messy artist

Action Steps


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