Messy Mandalas

In this Artist Date, Clare will guide us on how to make a ‘Torus’ mandala base using a compass, along with a freeform method which needs no equipment apart from a pen or pencil and your imagination.

We will experiment with different methods including a collaged mandala.

This is a very meditative process that blends with our favorite marks, shapes, symbols, and ideas.


Clare is a Brit in the MidWest, born in Lincoln UK, now living in America with her family. Her favourite flower is the sweet pea, spirit animal is a horse. What is guaranteed to make her feel mindful, energized and full of well being? Making art of almost any kind!Cindy walks, dreams and makes art. She listens to her feelings and has a rich inner life. Cindy documents her life through creative expression in many forms. She even writes about it sometimes.


  • circle drawing compass (not the navigating kind!)
  • pens
  • pencils
  • supplies to add colour
  • paper/sketchbook/journal
  • collage papers
  • glue