Oh, Messians, did this Season ever enable us to push our art further or what? There was so much to learn and so much to bring into our daily life that writing this is an absolute breeze. Let’s have a look at what went down.

First of all, can we talk about that tracker?! Not only was it a great tool but it was also so inspiring to see all the creative ways that you filled them out. Whether that was digitally or tangibly, seeing those little squares fill up was enough to make our fairy art mother Caylee’s heart swell with pride!

Here are just a few examples:

We had so many great tutorials this Season. These tutorials serve as catalysts to inspire us to try something new or to look at things differently. GM Habit kicked off with Ella showing us how to repurpose our art, turning something that is “meh” into “wow”! It was amazing to see how different our reaction to old art was once we changed it up.

We also had a tutorial by the inspiring Alyssa who showed us how to make ATCs or Artist Trading Cards. Making one card a day and then creating a spread from them was a very interesting exercise as it allowed us to notice the importance of size and of creating with a theme.

Caylee showed us how to keep a digital notebook as a way of keeping tabs of inspiration while staying organised. Melding art, inspiration and digital tools feels like a very exciting landscape to explore.

As if the Catalysts were not enough to get us inspired, we also had three masterclasses and an interview – all supporting our Art Habit. The season kicked off with a conversation between Caylee and Anika on creating an art habit.

Jessica’s masterclass was all about finding community in the hangouts. There are so many Messians all around the world, it truly is magical that we can meet and exchange thanks to technology.


During her masterclass, Gilly showed us how she finds inspiration when she needs it by filling in a grid. By using remnants from other projects or concentrating on a color scheme, the grid helps us to see things in a new way and make connections.

The lovely Jenny introduced us to some warm-up exercises during her masterclass. These help us to first get the creative juices flowing and then to focus our creativity into our art.

And last but not least, Misty shared how she developed her art habit and the gifts it has given her throughout the years. From just twenty minutes a day to owning the title of artist, Misty’s work is undeniable and inspiring and we are lucky to have her be so generous with her presence.