How do you become an artist?

You make art. 

This season, a host of incredible artists will be taking you on a creative journey focused on what I believe to be the most important part of being an artist:


But habit isn’t easy. Cultivating a creative habit is HARD. WORK. Fitting art into your busy, rich, full life is difficult. Even when life is quiet, it’s tough to find more hours in a day. 

But that’s why you have Get Messy. Get Messy is a collective of artists at different stages of life and in different seasons of life. We have doctors, chemical engineers, teachers, stay at home mamas, students, and retirees. Each Messian has wisdom on fitting art into life, and collectively, we can help each other. We have seven women who have figured it out in their own way, and are excited to lead you on this journey, to be open and share everything they know with you. 

Get Messy also has me. Whose origin story revoles around going from lazy and passive to deliberate and goal driven. Habit literally changed my life, and I’m excited to share the tactics that can help it save yours too. Even if that saving is less dramatic than mine and is about saving you from a life of blank notebooks 🙂 

This is my jam, and this season will always be my favourite. 

This season at Get Messy, we will take you on a journey from crafty dabbler to someone who breathes creativity through their pores. 

This season we’ll show you exactly how, in very actionable steps, to make a creative habit as second nature as brushing your teeth. What does this season need from you? A leap of faith. Commitment. And 6 weeks of five minutes per day. That’s only 210 minutes out of the 60480 that you get! Are you willing to exchange that for a creative life? Then join us. 

If you already have an art habit then we applaud you, and this season will be all about nurturing that habit and giving it some sugar loving. 

Either way. There will be more art made, and Get Messy will help you fit art into YOUR every day. Not just the special occasions. We’ll turn life into art and not just leave it for when you’re able to go to Europe with your favourite artist on an inspiring retreat. 

This is good old fashioned, everyday, down to earth, small art, creative practice. And it is glorious.

This season:

  • Our journal for the season: the shabbiest one you own, a print out that we’ll give you on the first day, or your iPad
  • Week 1: Season Intentions with a prep and Seasons Intentions Hangout with me, Caylee
  • Week 2: Catalyst (Reuse the “meh”: Giving art a second life by @ellagallon)
  • Week 3: Prompts + Artist Date (Utilizing Hangouts and the Community in Building a Creative Habit by @jessariels.canvas)
  • Week 4: Catalyst (Creating Everyday with Artist Trading Cards by Alyssa, @thistleandthimbles)
  • Week 5: Prompts + Artist Date (Making and filling a grid by @gillywelch21)
  • Week 6: Catalyst (How to find time to art journal by me, @cayleegrey)
  • Week 7: Prompts + Artist Date (Building habits through creative warm-up exercises by Jenny, @by.smilinthyme)
  • Week 8: Show + Tell (121 Hours: How you build an art habit by @misty.granade)
  • Week 9: Season Reflection

Alyssa Rothwell

Living in Canada, with a BA in visual arts, Alyssa is a maker and lover of all things handmade. For Alyssa, embracing imperfections and chasing after “happy accidents” is the true magic of art journaling. Anything goes within the pages of her art journal and it has become an important place for her to process, to experiment and to play.

Caylee Grey

Get Messy is led by Caylee Grey, your fairy artmother, who with a swish and flick of her magic paintbrush empowers humans to live a creative life. She knows a thing or two (okay, like a ton of things) about getting artists to be their best selves. Despite the rumors, she’s not actually a magical fairy being, but a business owner and mixed media artist who squeezes in her own creative time during her tiny human’s naps.

Ella Gallon

Ella’s art journey began in elementary school when she annoyed all of her teachers by excessively doodling on ALL the worksheets. After overcoming awkward phases of gaming fan art, crazy freaky art clubs in high school where it was custom to wear at least three differently colored striped socks, and creative blocks all during university, today she lives a double life as digital marketer from 7 to 7 and abstract artist from 7:01 to however late she manages to stay up (spoiler: mostly, not very late).

Gilly Welch

Gilly is an avid paper lover and creates in some form every single day. She lives on the north coast of Cornwall (UK) regularly walking the coastal path for inspiration. She is constantly learning new skills and loves nothing better than finding different ways to incorporate all or part of these into her art journals.

Jenny Sehlstedt

Jenny lives on the West Coast of Sweden with her husband. When she isn’t spending time in her very messy studio or at work, she sings in a church choir and loves reading speculative fiction, such as, but not limited to, Sci-Fi and fantasy. She is a lifetime Messian, loves single-drawings, and lots and lots of layers!

Jessica McMillan

Jessica is an early childhood researcher educator in Washington, D.C., USA who is passionate about education, equity, and art. She joined Get Messy in 2015, lurking for a while before finally jumping in. Since then she’s found an awakening of her creative spirit and a home among the Get Messy community. She’s a junky for hangouts, meet-ups, retreats and generally supporting the building up of our amazing community.

Misty Granade

Misty is ever-so-slightly obsessed with paint, glue, and paper. Her interests range across a variety of arts and crafts such as contemporary visual art, mixed media, book binding, crochet, and yarn spinning. When she isn’t in her studio slinging paint or gluing things together, she loves to read, cook, and spend time with family and friends.