In this lesson, you’ll learn what junk journaling is and see examples of Meg’s own junk journals. She’ll show you how you can create your own floral inspired junk journal pages.


Meg is a 20-something English grad turned digital marketer who’s obsessed with all things paper: journaling, reading, arts and crafts. She loves to share her art journals and owns way too many notebooks. She’s one of those weird people who likes the smell of books and you’ll probably find her in an antique shop.


  • Vintage papers of your choice
  • Botanical images
  • Acrylic paint
  • Tracing paper
  • Your favourite washi tapes
  • Brush pen
  • Your favourite regular pen
  • Brown paper
  • Date stamp + ink
  • Letter stencil
  • Ephemera from your life
  • Optional: laser printed images
  • Basics: Scissors, glue, stapler

To get started, choose pages with a background you think will compliment what you are documenting. Cut out your floral images (or images of your choice) and arrange them in a collage on one side of the spread.

Using a brush pen or normal pen, add journaling to the tracing paper. This will be layered on top of your collage. Use your favourite washi to attach the tracing paper to the page.

Stamp the date onto a scrap piece of paper and staple it to the tracing paper. You can get creative and create multiple layers using photos, ephemera or more tracing paper .Your imagination is your limit.

For a fuss-free fussy cut floral addition to your pages, use a laser printed image to create a sellotape transfer. Attach the sellotape to the photo right side up and use water to remove the paper. You’ll be left with a transparent image that you can layer over ‘busier’ junk journal pages like book pages or ledger paper. They’ll blend into the page like a dream!

Adding seemingly random ephemera from our daily lives is the beauty of junk journaling – I’ve turned a guarantee info card into a tip-in for extra journaling. Use your stash of papers to get creative and cover up elements you don’t want included on the page.

Happy junk journaling!

Action Steps


create your own floral inspired junk journal pages