In this lesson Caroline shows you how she uses her everyday journaling practice as a resource for art projects and inspiration. She believes that our inner world is a rich resource that we can mine for meaning, symbolism and colour inspiration, and that even on our most regular and mundane days, we have a wealth of inspiration within us already.

In the first half of the lesson, you’ll see some of Caroline’s most favourite pages in her bullet journal, and learn how to use our everyday experiences to create amazing and meaningful art.

In the second half of the lesson, you’ll follow the steps through a fun art journal spread created using the metaphor of a house as a container for our experiences, intentions and the things we love. Caroline will show you exactly how and where she found the inspiration for this spread within her own journals as she documents her everyday life.


Caroline is a mixed media artist and diarist living in South Devon, UK. She believes that we all have the power within us to create magic through art by tapping into our intuition, lived experiences, and innate wisdom.

Hello magical Messians!

Caroline here! (AKA Freya Fennec) I’m so excited to share a lesson with you for the Season of Documenting. I have a feeling that this might be my most favourite season yet!


  • Your Journal
  • Two sheets of paper cut down to the size of your journal pages
  • Craft knife
  • Ephemera- I used personal photos but you could use magazine cut outs or drawings instead
  • Your favourite colouring supplies
  • Optional: A small brad to make the moving wheel
  • Optional: Some scraps of patterned paper

In the first video I am going to take you through a few of my favourite Bullet Journals. (or omni journals! I can never decide what to call them.) I use these journals to document so many things in my life, as well as day to day planning and tasks.
For today’s lesson though, I shall spare you the to-do list pages, and instead I am going to show you some of my most favourite ways I have used my Bullet Journal to document my experiences.

The most important part of my daily journaling practice is that I am not precious about the pages, and give myself permission to scribble, scratch and doodle as much as I please. I find that if allow myself to be imperfect on my pages, I feel free to record anything and everything straight way. I don’t need to wait until I have the perfect spread ready to do so.

I use my Bullet Journal to record meditation experiences, research from books, dreams, art ideas, and events now and again too. If I feel like it’s something I would like to remember or have a note of, it goes in this one book.

I have been practicing this regularly now since January, and I have noticed that through reviewing my pages regularly, they become a well of inspiration for my art journals and paintings.

Sometimes, I find that my work in my Bullet Journal is reflected in my art without any conscious effort, and as such, I feel that my art and writing practice are so connected. Together, they form a snapshot of my inner and sometimes, outer world.

I especially want to show you that you have so much inspiration within yourself already, and you don’t have to have a calendar full of events in order to have a life worthy of documenting.

Your thoughts, experiences, imagination, and everyday writing are already so full of magic just waiting to become art.

In the second video, we are going to create an art journal spread!

In the first video, I showed you how I collected inspiration from my daily journaling practice and my everyday life and used it to shape an idea for an art journal spread. In this lesson, I am using the metaphor of a house as a container for my experiences, things I love, and things I am grateful for. I am using photos from recent trips, and some photos of my cats as a reminder of things I love, but you could use any ephemera that speaks to you.

I do think photos we have taken ourselves are a great choice for this project because they already hold meaning. We chose to take the photo, after all! It must have meant something at the time. Saying that, you Messians are the most innovative bunch of artists ever, and I am sure that you can come up with so many different ways of interpreting this lesson.

I chose to create my spread in one sitting, but I can imagine this being a great spread to fill up over a period of time. Perhaps a special weekend, or for a specific theme.

I hope you enjoyed this lesson, lovely Messians!

Thank you so much for watching, and I am looking forward to seeing what you create!

Action Steps


Experiment with different container shapes: Perhaps use an apple shape to document a health journey, or an animal shape to document a connection with an animal spirit.


Go big! How about a poster sized house that you stick on your wall, full of goals and inspiration?


Go tiny! How about a pocket sized journal with flaps and shapes on every page? You could cut the cover into the shape of a house, or another shape of your choosing. Fill each page as if it was a window or door.