If you’re reading this then there is a high chance that you know the power of journaling. The power of journaling through art and with art.

You may have even experienced that tiny bit of ✨ magic ✨ on the page as your process your thoughts, your feelings, your life.

Or you’ve felt the magic that happens after you’ve poured yourself onto the page, close your journal, and have a clear head.

Whether you do it on purpose or not, documenting is BIG part of art journaling. When I look back at my journals, whether they have words in them or not, I can tell you exactly which point of my life it was. During my fertility struggle, page after page after page was covered in black acrylic paint. While my son was a newborn, I went FULL minimalist due to my time being in smaller chunks. Right now, I’m not sure what my art journal is telling me but I know that when I look back on it I will be able to identify it exactly.

Our art shows us exactly who we are, even when we aren’t doing it on purpose. That is the beauty of it. That is the beauty of documentation.

This season at Get Messy we have six beautiful artists who are pretty darn amazing at creating that magic. And they’re here to help you bring that magic out of you and into your journal too.

(How many times can I say magic?)

This season:

  • Our journal for the season: an old book. Yup, you heard me. You can rebind it long stitch style, or you can leave it as is and use its pages as background to your art.
  • Week 1: Season Intentions with a journal prep and Seasons Intentions Hangout with me, Caylee
  • Week 2: Catalyst (How to include yourself in your art by Sasha @sasha_zeen)
  • Week 3: Prompts + Artist Date (Documenting color with Sarah @sjrondon)
  • Week 4: Catalyst (Documenting our inner landscape tutorial by Caroline @freya.fennec)
  • Week 5: Prompts + Artist Date (Be a collector of memories with Phill @phill_rushmere)
  • Week 6: Catalyst (Floral junk journaling by Meg @megjournals)
  • Week 7: Prompts + Artist Date (Layers and layers of life with Cindy @artandsoulcindy
  • Week 8: Show + Tell (Documenting the roller coaster by Debbie @debbiebamberger)
  • Week 9: Season Reflection


Caroline is a mixed media artist and diarist living in South Devon, UK. She believes that we all have the power within us to create magic through art by tapping into our intuition, lived experiences, and innate wisdom.


Cindy walks, dreams and makes art. She listens to her feelings and has a rich inner life. Cindy documents her life through creative expression in many forms. She even writes about it sometimes.


Debbie is a sexual and reproductive health nurse practitioner in Berkeley, California. She began art journaling in 2016 with no prior art experience. Debbie lives with her partner and their two teen boys and is pursuing a Doctor of Nursing Practice degree at the University of California, San Francisco.


Meg is a 20-something English grad turned digital marketer who’s obsessed with all things paper: journaling, reading, arts and crafts. She loves to share her art journals and owns way too many notebooks. She’s one of those weird people who likes the smell of books and you’ll probably find her in an antique shop.


Phill is the 30 (something) year old INFJ from Norwich on the East Coast of England. By day a Compliance & Quality Manager and maker extraordinaire by night. A lover of bookbinding, Procreate and of course art journaling. His style of art journaling could be described at minimalist, as he enjoys balance between positive and negative space.


Sarah lives in New York and joined Get Messy in 2015 after years of not creating. Now, after four years she has developed a nearly daily practice of creating and art journaling that she uses to help document favorite words, colors and current thoughts. She describes her style as bold with clean color and lots of white space.


Sasha is a memory keeper and mixed media artist from Ukraine who currently lives in Poland. She is mesmerized by other people’s journals and finds magic and beauty in preserving everyday moments in her handmade books.