What do I create about?

This is the basic question that we ask when we start.

What is my muse?

This is the next question we ask as our art practice develops.

This season we are going to learn how to choose what we create about and then how to dive even deeper into chasing our muse.

Maybe you already know your muse. This season will help you flesh it out even more, dig deeper into it, advance your techniques and fall more in love with your muse.

If you don’t know what to create, this season will help you narrow in on a topic that really interests you and you will begin a long love story with it. You will learn how to stay focused, keep going and evolve your muse over time to help fit with your work.

You’ll learn:

  • How to create pages based on things that interest you
  • How to find your muse
  • How to create a large body of work based on one topic/idea
  • How to research, develop and evolve your muse

We start our art practice by creating about any and everything that interests us – and this should remain part of our practice – but eventually, we want to develop our skills, styles and the meaning behind our art further. To do this, we find a muse. Something we can really dig into. Something we can create about over and over again. Something that has a personal meaning and motivation for us. Something that we become synonymous with. 

During the month of May, we are going to dig into this idea of finding our muse. Lauren will walk you through taking inventory of your own influences, help you determine what your muse is, how to use it in your artwork and how to keep pushing it further without getting bored. We will have 4 expert artists share their muses with you, how they found them, why they can’t stop creating with them and how they have evolved them over time. 


If you are ready to take your art to the next level, infusing it with meaning, have your name be synonymous with your muse and find a love that will last your art a lifetime – this season is perfect for you. You don’t need any prior ideas or skill, you can complete this process at any time and repeat it over and over! Our muses can and will change throughout our life – but we must know how to find them. This season will teach you how to do that. 

Meet this season’s guest artist

Lauren Hooper
Muse: The Moon

Lauren is obsessed with living a wildly creative life, experiencing every color, flavor, and beauty the world has to offer. Lauren travels the world with her musician husband and together they seek inspiration for their art in nooks and crannies that hold eclectic and electric views on life. Lauren is passionate about teaching you how to see the art in your everyday life and translating it into outer expression through art journaling. She will share all of her tips, tricks, and techniques with you this season. 

Meet this season’s guest artist

Gabrielle Dearman
Muse: Dystopian Societies

Gabrielle has been actively artistic from early childhood. She participated in both community, public school, and college-level art courses and art clubs through her early years into adulthood. In 2009, Gabrielle moved from the metro-Atlanta, Georgia area to Asheville, North Carolina where she currently resides with her two cuddly cats: Starla Ruby, and Meladori June. She relocated to be in an environment better suited to her creative goals, and to be close to the beautiful natural surroundings that Asheville offers.

In addition to being an artist, Gabrielle has also worked with young children in various capacities since 2002. She currently works as a professional nanny for a 4 year-old girl, and 8 month-old baby boy. The parents are a creative and fun family in the restaurant business who appreciate the art and craft skills Gabrielle can share and develop with the children. Gabrielle attributes her playful style of vibrant color and movement in her creative works in large part as a result from her work with children

Meet this season’s guest artist

Riet Poch
Muse: Fairy Tales

Riet Poch lives in North Germany, near the coast, in a picturesque city that inspires and fuels her imagination.  When she isn’t painting or illustrating, she loves to take photographs, enjoy nature or eat all the cakes. She believes in the power of art and words.

Meet this season’s guest artist

Amy Maricle
Muse: Paper Cutting Patterns From Nature

Amy Maricle is an artist, board-certified art therapist, and founder of Mindful Art Studio, an online art studio that works to empower the artist in all of us. As a teacher and coach, Amy brings a gentle, “anyone can do it” approach. Her writing and art have been featured in The New York Times.com, The Washington Post.com, Psych Central.com, Spirituality & Health Online, and Art Journaling Magazine. 

Meet this season’s guest artist

Moriah Costa
Muse: Mushrooms

Moriah Costa is a financial journalist and artist living in Madrid, Spain. An American by birth, she fell in love with an Irish-Frenchman, packed up her bags, and moved to Europe. Her work is inspired by modern twists of vintage items and by traveling.