Transform your Imposter Syndrome into a Trickster Goddess

Lesson by Emily Mulroney

Emily is an artist. She’s also an explorer. Curious and open-minded, Emily enjoys exploring an array of creative pursuits and adventures. It is this curiosity that enables her to embrace imperfection with open arms. Through Emily’s adventures, she has learnt that failing is part of growing, and perfection is not real. For why stay trapped in the shadow of seeking perfection when so much joy can be found exploring the creative path of imperfection?

Hi Get Messians, Emily here – also known on the internet as Fern & Oak. I’m thrilled to be sharing a tutorial with you for this Season of Failure that focuses on transforming negative feelings of imposter syndrome into a celebration of misrule and mischief; embracing your fraudulent fears and embodying them as a playful trickster goddess.

I came across this concept of turning imposter syndrome on its head through a tweet shared by a friend, posted by Eli Barraza (@EliLizzieLizbet) that said: “Embrace imposter syndrome. Revel in the fact you have fooled everyone. You are a Trickster Goddess. You are the Imposter Child for Deception and Clever Ruses.”

I just loved that concept and was instantly inspired to create my very own Trickster Goddess persona in my art journal. It was perfect timing to see this tweet, as I’m currently best friends with Imposter Syndrome and I do hope you enjoy creating the mischievous yet cathartic art journal spread as much as I did…


  • Your art journal, or 2 pieces of the same paper
  • Adhesive (I used pritt stick glue)
  • Your favourite art supplies – I used a Uniball Eye Fine water/fade-proof ink pen, my favourite watercolours and a range of paintbrushes to washes and detailing.

In this first video, I share some of my inspiration for this tutorial, which was essentially an excuse for show and tell of my favorite fairy tale and mythology books. We will look at the trickster archetype and explore a couple of ideas for creating our persona. There are no rules here and if you do not feel called to create a goddess, you can instead opt for an animal or a self portrait.


Now we have decided on what symbolism we want to use for our persona, we are going to dive into creating! In this video we start off by preparing our journal or pages in order to create a flap that will later reveal our Trickster Goddess and get started on the first layer; journalling out our imposter syndrome worries and creating our first layer of the face.


After leaving our spread to dry, we are now going to get onto the really fun part – creating our trickery in the hidden flap. I had a lot of fun playing with proportion and adding decorative make up to my goddess and I encourage you do the same! Let’s throw caution to the wind and create some mischief!

And now we have our finished journal page; a transformation from being in the weeds with imposter syndrome, to celebrating the mischief of our Trickster Goddess. I do hope you have enjoyed this journey with me as much as I have – it’s not always easy to say hello to your fears and turn them on their head but I hope you will trust me to try this, as it’s very cathartic to embrace your worries with a smile and a wink.

If you would like to connect with me further, you can do so on Instagram – I am and as mentioned in part one, Art Witch Academy will also soon be launching, which is a membership site focusing on art as ritual, and ritual as art. If you are interested, do come and say hello over on social media (@artwitchacademy) or on the site.

Thanks Messians, and see you soon!

Action Steps


follow the tutorial and transform negative feelings of imposter syndrome into a celebration of misrule and mischief

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