Hey you.


Tell me.

What is stopping you from starting that art journal? What’s standing in the way of you incorporating making art into your everyday life?

Your high standards are what makes your life great, but it often leads to not trying in case of failure.

If you know that perfection is not attainable, why is it still your inner critic’s main sell?

If perfectionism is what’s stopping you from making art that you love, then we invite you to join Get Messy for the Season of Perfection.

Join me, Caylee, along with six other creatives in a month that promises to dance naked in perfectionism’s face. An entire month full of dancing.

And because I am an INFJ, we of course have a 5 step program for this dancing. We’re going to conquer perfectionism in five steps.

STEP ONE: celebrate what you’ve done

STEP TWO: direct your aim

STEP THREE: do the work

STEP FOUR: eff comparison

STEP FIVE: let go and sparkle

All with very practical steps to put into your art journal and make sweet sweet (imperfect) art in it.

Now these five steps are rock solid. I used them to conquer 3 generations of perfectionism taught to me. You can try them on your own, or you can battle them along with an army of 2000 artists.


Your mentor this season

Caylee Grey is a fellow human who overcame perfectionism back in 2013. In fact, she actively creates a LOT of imperfect work. Downright mediocre, and sometimes objectively bad art. On the very rare occasion, she makes beautiful art. And you know what? She loves all of it as if they were her children.

Along with… 

Brandi Kincaid

Brandi is an illustrator and collector based in Washington state. When she’s not gleaning words, old objects, or color from the world around her, you can find her at home with the three big loves of her life: Andrew, Augie Roo, and shelves and shelves of books threatening to take over the rooms. A fan of trying again, and again, and again, Brandi is a maker who believes I getting it wrong as much as we get it right.

Charlotte Erichsen

Lotte lives in Munich and loves to draw and paint the city, landscapes and animals. Her approach to art journaling is playful and sometimes political. When she is not creating, she likes to read books or newspaper or learn more hula hoop tricks. Always with tea!

Emily Mulroney

Emily is an artist. She’s also an explorer. Curious and open-minded, Emily enjoys exploring an array of creative pursuits and adventures. It is this curiosity that enables her to embrace imperfection with open arms. Through Emily’s adventures, she has learnt that failing is part of growing, and perfection is not real. For why stay trapped in the shadow of seeking perfection when so much joy can be found exploring the creative path of imperfection?

Rebecca Brown

Rebecca, born in Sweden, lives just outside of Edinburgh. She has been writing a daily journal since the age of 7, and found the Get Messy community three years ago whilst looking for ways to visually add to her words. She is VERY messy, but chaotically organised, striving to be imperfectly perfect (learning to embrace the result whatever the perceived failings).

Tiffany Han

Host of the Raise Your Hand Say Yes podcast, Tiffany Han is a life coach who teaches smart, driven women how to become the most remarkable versions of themselves and learn to raise their hands and say yes to all the things they want to do, be, and say without compromising their standards—or their sanity. As the creator of the 100 Rejection Letters coaching program, Tiffany has taught hundreds of women how to seek out rejection (what?! YES.) as a way to move their big ideas forward!

I dare you to ignore your inner critic, and take the first step.

And if you don’t create one page in these 30 days, I personally will sit down with you and make sure you do. Okay? Okay.