What does creativity look like in your life? Are you living a creative life? How do you know? Where do you find inspiration? This Season at Get Messy we are going to help you answer all of these questions. We will teach you where great artists find inspiration and how they go from idea to art and how you can too.

If you want to learn to take your lovely moments of life and turn them into art, then this season is for you. This season has two parts, first, you will learn to find, translate and create art from inspiration in the world around you. Second, we will create an entire art journal together using something you already love that is deeply personal and fun: media. Your favorite book, TV show or movie will be our jumping off point this season as we create artwork based off of your life and your interests.

Join us as we learn how to translate the things we love and that catch our attention into beautiful and unique art journal pages. All you need is a little bit of time, your favorite art supplies and a book or movie that makes your artist’s brain light up!

If you’re ready to go from the sidelines of thinking ‘that is beautiful wouldn’t it be cool to make something out of it’ to being a person who follows through and lines her shelves with art she created – get started today

The Season of Creativity is here to help you see yourself as an artist, living a creative life and turning their passions into art. If that’s you, start now.