Turn your mood into an art journal page

Hi everyone ! It’s Sofia here and I am thrilled to invite you to explore your mood through your art journal today !

My art journals are the receptacles of my feelings and I like to use them as a tool for my self-care.

I usually put my feelings on my art journal pages. Whether it is joy, sadness, excitement, happiness, anger, … Whether it deals with anxiety, doubts, thoughts, … I turn them into art. And I know that many of us are doing the same. Our art journal pages are often a way to express ourselves.

That said, I have been trying to use them with a new way to express my mood in my pages : I use them to change the way I feel.
I see your eyes rounding up ! Let me explain.

Sometimes, I begin my day or my week in a weird way. I write a lot, daily, and I like to question my mood to understand what is going on, and then, try to give it a new direction. Not long ago, I tried a new technique : using art journaling to explore the emotions I wanted to feel.

For example, if I feel anxious and want to feel more confident, I art journal this emotion. The creative process of making a « confident page » tends to push back the anxiety. And later, if I feel badly again, I can look at my page to find the positive emotion again.

I like to create a « desired moodboard ». And I invite you to create your own with me.

First of all, identify the emotion you want to feel.

  • What color(s) is it ?
  • What images represent it ?

What words describe it ?

Choose a color palette in keeping with the mood you want to have.

Grab your favorite supplies : acrylic paint, watercolor, ink, markers, …

Pick up some images and words.

Create a background with the medium you chose. It can be abstract or figurative. I choose an abstract one, but you can also draw or paint flowers, stars, … whatever suits you.

When it’s dried, put your images and words.

Think about the wellness you feel at this moment. I like to have my favorite tea, chocolate and music near me. It helps to focus and to enter the right atmosphere…

Once your page is finished, take a moment to contemplate it. Maybe, you’ll want to meditate. Keep your page at your fingertips to refer to it whenever you need it !

This a very deliberate exercise to do. While creating, be aware of your sensations, enjoy the process, how your supplies, the colors, images and words you have chosen are reflecting on your mood like a mirror !

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Turn your mood into art in your art journal

Sofia Lachkar

Sofia is a writer, art journaler, feminist activist and entrepreneur. She strives to live a meaningful life, by putting art at the center of her life and sharing her passion with other people. She loves to challenge herself continually, in all the areas of her life.


  1. Jenny Sehlstedt

    OMG, I love this, it makes me so excited!

    • Sofia

      I am glad you like it !

  2. Jenna Ledford

    Oh, I love this. As someone who struggles with identifying and allowing feelings, this seems like a great way to do that!

    • Sofia

      Yes, it’s an excellent way to understand how you feel, and how you want to feel !

  3. Alyssa Rothwell

    What a fantastic idea! Thank you!!

    • Sofia

      I am so thrilled you like it !

  4. Gabrielle Dearman

    Where do you find this kind of wizardry??? Brilliant idea. This totally falls under my goal of exploring my authenticity through journaling.

    • Sofia

      Oh ! Thanks for your enthusiasm ! Please, feel free to tag me if you try it and post it on instagram or in the forum ! <3

  5. Kellye Crocker

    Hi Sofia! Thank you for this! While I often art journal about my moods—and through the process end up coming out the other side—I’ve never thought about journaling what I want to feel and experience! Genius! Thank you and love tour page!

    • Sofia

      Thank you Kellye ! I was used to use my journals to document my feelings, I found that acting on them in my art journal was another way to explore my mood… and sometimes it’s stunning how efficient it can be !
      I hope you enjoyed the process !

  6. Christina Cloud

    This is great! Like Jenna, I also have trouble identifying feelings and this very deliberate and mindful practice could really help!

    • Sofia

      Thank you Christina ! I am so happy to think that this way of processing feelings can help you 🙂

  7. Alexandra merlin

    Oh, une belle approche pour une page très gaie, j’aime beaucoup !

    • Sofia

      Merci Alexandra ! <3