Together we can do so much

Hey lovely Messians, it’s Rose here, I am so honoured to be creating a little tutorial for you. The ancient Egyptians used the bee to represent royalty, for them, the bee transformed the warmth of the Sun into golden sweetness – this page is about transforming the warmth of the Get Messy community into art.


  • An old book page (not necessary, but means you don’t have be so precise with your tearing)
  • Tracing paper
  • Textured collage papers for tearing
  • Glue
  • Some acetate, vellum or paper doilies for wings
  • Pen/pencil
  • I also used some Nuvo drops for my bee’s eyes in black

Collect some textured papers and print (or draw) out the image of the bee – I used yellow and dark green and blue to represent my bee (images of flowers, leaves and the night sky), but I think it would be lovely to see brightly coloured rainbow bees!

I forgot to add legs to my bee so I had to do this at the end!

I finished my page by adding some eyes with Nuvo drops in black – this gave them some dimension and glossiness, I also added some modelling paste to the top left hand page to balance the page.

Make your page a celebration of community and how it helps you to create and be inspired.

Download Rose’s Bee illustration

Save this file to your computer, print it out, and use it in your journal.

Action Steps


Print out (or draw) an image of a bee or other insect/animal 


Tear out textured papers to create an image, ‘stitching’ the papers together by drawing stitches


Add a quote to show what community means to you


Rose is a mama to a 5 year old human and an 11 year old Jack Russell. She is a lecturer in psychology and child development and is a lifelong learner. Art is her magic.


  1. Alyssa Rothwell

    Ah can’t wait to do this, super cute!!

  2. Jenna Ledford

    Oh, what a beautiful and sweet idea. Love that you shared the symbolism of the bee!

    • Rose Sheridan

      Thank you, I love everything he symbolises

  3. Jenny Sehlstedt

    Love bees! My granddad kept them and I dream of keeping them too.

    • Rose Sheridan

      Thanks Jenny, I love bees too, they work so hard and get to dance to communicate, what’s not to love?!

  4. Julia Bethmann

    I’m excited to try this!

  5. Chris Silker

    Now I know what I’m doing over my lunch break!

  6. Phill Rushmere

    Awesome! Great tip to rip the paper rather than cutting it out! Excited to try!


    • Rose Sheridan

      Thank you, I find the papers knit together and you don’t get those peeling edges ❤

  7. Suzanne Earley

    THank you for sharing your bee! It’s lovely! I also appreciated you talking about how you solved the issues you encountered as you went along — so much of anything in life is really all about figuring out how to fix things, isn’t it?

    • Rose Sheridan

      Ha yes! Thank you for being sympathetic and also for not calling them mistakes

  8. Sasha Zinevych

    I adore this, Rosie! Such a sweet thoughtful page! Also, you have the loveliest voice! 🙂 <3

    • Rose Sheridan

      Thank you Sasha, I was so nervous with the voiceover!

  9. Michelle Ward

    This was such fun to make!! Thanks Rose

    • Rose Sheridan

      Yay! Thanks Michelle, I’m so happy you thought so ❤

  10. Emma louise szostok

    I love this! Always love seeing your work

    • Rose Sheridan

      Ahh thank you lovely ❤

  11. Amber Coulter

    Can’t wait to try this! Thanks Rose!