Postcard Multibook

Hello lovely Messians, it’s Charlotte from Munich here and I am so honored to share my love for bookbinding with you.
I will show you a fun project that will give you a postcard-sized journal with a small book, an accordion fold and two leaflets.
This is also something you could do with your kids – maybe you need to do the sewing for them.


  • Two A6 postcards
  • Two A4 sheets of paper
  • Knife (scissors)
  • Bookbinding thread and needle
  • Glue
  • Bone folder (optional)

To give you a better idea which parts of the Multibook go where and to help you choose your papers I will first show you a flip-through of my finished example.

Choose two postcards and two A4 papers that fit together (in color and/or pattern). Maybe you already have a theme in mind?

First we will make the accordion fold (“leporello” in German). Take an A4 paper in landscape mode and cut it in half to get a very long band of paper. Now fold it in half three times and then re-crease it into zick-zack to form the accordion.

Next cut the remaining papers all into postcard size (A6).

For the two leaflets fold one A6 paper into thirds in a zig-zag way in both directions. Fold the other paper three times like I show in the video.

The small book basically is a pamphlet stitch binding from the four leftover papers.

For the gluing use any glue you have at hand, but make sure the edges of the book parts stick well to the postcard covers.

And there you have it!

Action Steps


create a multibook today!

Charlotte Erichsen

Lotte lives in Munich and loves to draw and paint the city, landscapes and animals. Her approach to art journaling is playful and sometimes political. When she is not creating, she likes to read books or newspaper or learn more hula hoop tricks. Always with tea!


  1. Alyssa Rothwell

    Oh wow! This is awesome!!

    • Charlotte Erichsen

      Thank you, Alyssa! Hope you have fun with it!

  2. Kristin

    This is so cool! I can’t wait to try it out!! Thank you for sharing <3