We’re doing things a little bit differently this season…

This season we are focusing directly on YOU.

You, who joined in January to commit to an art-filled 2019.

You, who have been with Get Messy right from the blog stage.

And even you, who has been lurking, but hasn’t been brave enough (yet) to put yourself out there and say hi in the forums.

You’re pretty awesome.

You are the reason why February is the Season of Celebration.

Lauren and my (Caylee’s) mission for Get Messy 2019 is to provide more of an empowering platform for the amazing artists who make up Get Messy. There’s been so much growth in this community and we are so proud and excited to be able to put you guys in the spotlight. Together we can elevate each other. Encourage. Cheer. Be catalysts for radical growth. 

To help people who are just starting out, to put their first splosh on the page. 

To encourage those who dream of putting together their first gallery show. 

To be the platform for your first art teaching. 

This season, YOU are the guest artists.


Meet this season’s guest artist

You are awesome.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to

  1. celebrate how far you’ve come in your art (whether that’s making 1000 new pages, or making your first paint smear!)
  2. celebrate relationships you’ve made (and if you haven’t yet, to put yourself out there in the safety of this community)
  3. celebrate your fellow Messians (share a kind word with a Messian you admire, perhaps even one person per day)

We encourage you to share what you’ve learned through your social media, your blogs, the forums, and on other Messian’s Instagram images.

To kickstart the celebration, we have a bunch of beautiful artists who will be putting themselves out there each weekday this season. Each artist will be sharing something they’ve learned on their journey. They’re sharing their art, their heart, and their wisdom. They’re being vulnerable. They’re being brave.

They’re being catalysts.

You only need to be around them to set yourself alight.


🎨 + ✨