Stone textures: Juxtaposing texture and colour in your work

Elly here, closing the Season of Freedom and bringing you the very last tutorial from 2018’s Creative Team. I wanted to leave you with something colourful and fun that you could adapt to your style of working and your style of art.

So today I will be showing you how to make stone textures using paint rollers and brayers, and how you can juxtapose these textures with bright colours to make graphic designs for your journals.

Get ready to flex your mark making skills.

You will need:

  • Heavier weight paper – white
  • White acrylic paint
  • Paint brayer or sponge paint roller
  • Black and white coloured pencils
  • Acrylic paint, preferably black – or any water resistant medium
  • Gouache


  • Simple shapes work best
  • Experiment – use different colours, shapes, papers, rollers and discover what works best for you.
  • Don’t over work your silhouette by rolling on too much paint, accept that you can’t really control how it turns out and let the texture direct where your art will go.
  • Wait for each layer to dry or you will find the colours blending.

Action Steps:

  1. Follow the tutorial to create your own designs.
  2. Use your silhouette statue as a base for a collage, using magazine clippings instead of gouache to add colour.


Elly lives in Sydney, Australia. Her favourite part of journaling is being able to play. She loves being able to test out ideas, and styles, and mediums without pressure. This applies to the ideas she’s expressing too: getting to work through experiences and communicating opinions in a place that is fun, safe, and colourful.


  1. Thea Marie

    This looks so fun!

  2. Alexandra merlin

    Wow, thanks for the ideas ! Your examples are amazing !

  3. Patricia Shimozo-Allen

    Super Cool Elly Mack!
    Cant wait to try making my own stone textures,

  4. Suzanne Earley

    So simple, but so effective! Thank you!

  5. Rex PG Foster

    Glorious!! Really loved. Thanks.

  6. Julia Bethmann

    So clever, can’t wait to try!

  7. Maura Flood

    This is so clever and different. I have to get my brayer out now!

  8. Clare Etheridge

    Oh wow, this is such a great idea! I can’t wait to make some statues and I love the colour too.

  9. Christina Cloud

    So simple, I think I can do this without the usual over thinking and nail biting and probably won’t take me a month to finish! Plus it looks like fun! Thank you!

  10. Charlotte Erichsen

    Amazing idea! Love the results!

  11. TC Larson

    I love the effect. The dark statues contrasted with those bright colors is really zingy. Beautiful and so versatile!

  12. Tammy Murdock

    This looks so fun, thank you!!

  13. Tiffany Julia

    This is so cool Elly! I now need to go out and buy me a brayer or sponge roller as I don’t own one! Tomorrow is definitely a trip to the art store. XD

  14. Divyam Bernstein

    This is just the coolest thing ever!!!!!

  15. Sasha Zinevych

    What a brilliant idea, Elly! I need a brayer, asap!

  16. Talita Chaves

    So beautiful, Elly!! I just can’t wait to try this technique too! Thanks for the inspiration 🙂