Hand Lettering Bold Statements

Hello! Alicia here from Vine & Thistle. In my last tutorial as a part of the Get Messy Creative Team, I am going to be showing you how to create a bright and bold hand lettered statement. Over this last year, I’ve been reflecting on my art journaling, and I’ve found that I consistently love adding hand lettering to my art journal. I have been trying to mix it up a little to give some variety to the lettering, and today, I’m going to share with you one of my favorite and simple ways of adding a bold message to my art journal.

Hand lettering bold statements


  • Art journal
  • Pencil
  • Paint marker (my favorite ones are Posca), acrylic paint, or colored pencils
  • Optional:
    • Ruler
    • Printed out words (I suggest using a sans serif font)


Pick out your word or words and 3 bold colors and add your bold hand lettered statement to your art journal! Feel free to play with this and come up with any alternative way of making this you (maybe add a pattern to one of the sections or change the font up).


Hand lettering bold statements


If you are free handing the lettering, remember to first write the letters in a single line format with a pencil and then go back in and add the boxed lines around your letters to create thicker and even lined lettering.


Hand lettering bold statements

Hand lettering bold statements

Now it’s Your Turn

  • Choose a word or small set of words.
  • Use pencil to draw the word(s) on your spread.
  • Pick 3 bold colors to fill in the words, space above and space below. (Use a dark color for the space below, a lighter color for the space above, and any other coordinating color for the words.)
  • Share your art journal and tag us on Instagram! We can’t wait to see your bold message!


Alicia lives in Portland, Oregon. She loves to create intuitively and freely and let the art come out without holding back. When it all comes together on a spread, it feels magical, meaningful, and like a deep breath for her soul.


  1. Kimberly Jones

    Fun tutorial! I’m pondering over my word of the year for 2019 and this will be a great
    way to audition a variety of possibilities!

  2. Phill Rushmere

    Thanks so much Alicia! Great tutorial and a great way to elevate hand lettering!


  3. Lea Betty

    Great tutorial. I want to do it for all the words. You made it look so easy but it was hard to stay in the lines. I tried it with acrylic paints and that was my first type lettering with paints I think. (Posted on IG @craftymue if you want to see)

  4. Maura Flood

    Such fun, Alicia! Thank you.